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Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life seeks to revitalize progressive politics. We challenge progressive dogma by encouraging readers to think about the political dimension to all aspects of everyday life. We seek to broaden the audience for leftist and progressive writing through a commitment to accessibility and contemporary relevance.  more »

Bad Presidential Campaignmore »

Bernie Won, I Won, We All Won
Mary Ellyn Cain

Sanders asked the American people: "Are we prepared to take on the enormous economic and political power of the billionaire class, or continue to slide into economic and political oligarchy?" read »

Hillary Clinton Wins in New Hampshire
Patrick Powers

Sanders wants Congress, not the presidency. read »

Mutually Exclusive World Views
Thomas Powell

There is a long precedent for mutually exclusive world views. read »

Where is the apology?
Hugo Mack

We now experience the silence, the lack of apologies from those who viciously derided our President as being a "foreigner”. read »

The Bernie Campaign's First 150 Days
Mike Mosher

"Enough is Enough!" punctuates Senator Sanders' speech.
read »

I Thought We Were Watching a Game Show When...
Molly Hankwitz

One Bad Subject's short-attention-span comment upon viewing the December 15th Republican Debate.
read »

Candidates, War and Karma
Corey Gilbert

During the Iraq war, conservatives kept the war drum beating. Now with the Syrian war, it seems to be liberals keeping war drums sounding.
read »

A New Mascot for the Democrats
Patrick Powers

If the donkey isn't cutting it, maybe the Democrats should get themselves a new mascot?
read »

The August 6th Republican Candidates' Debate
Richard Von Busack

Something anyone who works in a hospital can tell you: a physician can be very good at his trade and still be an A-1 dumb dummy.
read »

Trump Finds a Role as America's Sovereign Citizen
Joseph Natoli

Our attachments to candidate Donald Trump are far below the level of monumental advance we assign ourselves in this millennium...

read »

Hillary Clinton’s Emails
by Harry Hammitt

Under federal law, her emails reflecting agency business were agency records.
read »

featured articles

Things Both Crazy and Stupid, The Laffer Curve
Anthony Bernardo

Mixing an unrealistic scenario on either extreme side of the Laffer curve with mathematical principle that anything multiplied by zero equals zero, and then applying economic policy based on that, is very dangerous ground. read »

Our Millennial Age of Magic
Joseph Natoli

Those who are on the wrong side of the wages/dividends divide live within the many distractions of technology that nourish the growth of a millennial magic mindset.

read »

When Psychics Ran for President on a Platform of Free Love
by Patrick Powers

The late 19th century was a time of revolution and free thinking. Victoria and Tennessee Claflin became involved, and Victoria ran for President. read »

The Speciousness of Origin: Notes from Palermo
by Dominic Pettman

In a Palermo natural history museum, ponder our inveterate need to diminish and hold out of sight our connectedness in the mesh of all life, our politics and presumptions in our blindness. read »

National Psychoanalysis
by Joseph Natoli

Consider the political situation, in which what any of the dramatis personae say masks “Unthought” that conceals its hidden heart.

The Neoliberal/Right-wing Psyche

The Liberal Psyche: Session One

The Liberal Psyche: Session Two

The Liberal Psyche: Session Three

The Leftist Psyche

reviewsmore »

My Big Fat Fabricated Life: Problematic Portrayals of a TLC Star
Tamara Watkins

Whitney Thore is an advocate for body positivity, but her reality TV show often contains messages that are counterproductive to this work. view »

It's 2016, He's Sixty-Nine, OK: Iggy Pop Plays Detroit
Christi Griffis

The show kicked off with "Lust for Life" and I didn't really calm down much over the next 2 hours. view »

Toward a Comic Book Studies Division of the National Communications Association
Jason Kahler

The Comic Book Studies Division would serve as a focal point for people working with comic books in a multitude of fields, within higher education or as independent scholars. view »

San Francisco 2015 LGBT Pride Parade
Ron Henggeler

The Pride Parade this year was seven and a half hours long. view »

Mad Max: Fury Road To Thunderdome and Back Again
by Jason Kahler

The clickerati have been wringing their hands lately over the latest installment of George Miller's “Mad Max” film franchise. read »

Power Garb of Female Expression at Burning Man
by Patrick Powers

Clothing in a definite alternative style. read »

A Short, Shiny Glimpse of Jeff Koons: A Retrospective
by Orin Buck

Overall, a reprise of Pop Art. read »

My Name Is Rachel Corrie
by Ron Denner

My Name Is Rachel Corrie is a one-woman play that consists entirely of Rachel Corrie's own words. read »

The MC5 Build to a Gathering
by Sam Gould

Which was a rock n’ roll rebellion, you know? read »

INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS: Deep script, great performances. Spoilers.
by Janet Stockey Swanborn

His heart is in his singing career. read »

Our Brains, Our Pocketbooks: A Review of Empathy Imperiled: Capitalism, Culture, and the Brain
by Tamara Watkins

In his book Empathy Imperiled: Capitalism, Culture, and the Brain, Gary Olson explores the connections between biology, empathy, and capitalism. read »

Question Mark and the Mysterians' Mexican Michigan
by Mike Mosher

One can't talk properly about the band without embracing Chicano/a Michigan. read »

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new issue (2016)

Bad Subjects Issue #90: Space

Edited by Mike Mosher and Molly Hankwitz

In this issue, Space is something to explore (determined by your residential status, citizenship or race) or to occupy in 2016. read »

recent issues

Bad Subjects Issue #89: Mass Extinction

Edited by Molly Hankwitz and Thomas Powell

In this issue, we turn our attention to Mass Extinction as a species in the contexts of climate change and Anthropocene hubris. read »

Bad Subjects Issue #88: The University

Edited by Molly Hankwitz and Mike Mosher

This issue investigates the University, its strengths, weaknesses and challenges in 2015. read »

Bad Subjects Issue #87: Weapons

Edited by Molly Hankwitz

This issue investigates how the topic of weapons is woven into the fabric of society and is broadly defined in the popular psyche and technological history. From words to pictures, to media culture and cinema, a culture of weaponry—from handguns to drones and beyond—preoccupies the global imagination. read »

editorialsmore »

Google Outrages Me
by Patrick Powers

What will be the next sneaky trick they pull? What will it do to me next? read »

Track Palin and PTSD: Why it Should Not be Used in Stupid Political Games
by Don Zuzula

What I want to speak about is the gross negligence in the treatment of Sarah Palin's son’s PTSD. read »

Notes From a Higher Education Organizer: MLK and Anti-Capitalism
by Whit Alleys Dziurka

Every January folks in labor and education fields celebrate the great strides made by folks like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. read »

Veterans' Suicides
by Don Zuzula

People who have never served, or don't have family who have served, don't actually value their service. read »

Fair Share and Consent Based Organizing
by Whit Alleys Dziurka

Although Right to Work legislation differs, depending on what state you may live and work in, it aims to take away workers’ power to bargain for their own contracts. read »

Hard-Hearted Soft Drinks: The New York City Soda Pop War
by Patrick Powers

Untold billions of dollars are spent every year to encourage the public to buy the stuff.
read »

A Transgender Veteran’s Story: Misgendered for Surgery
by Char Davenport

I had been repeatedly misgendered, an unpleasant experience, at the Veterans Administration Hospital.
read »

Mental Health
by Whit Alleys Dziurka

So can we be awarded with the honor...?
read »

by Whit Alleys Dziurka

It's your labor, and you should dictate what it looks like.
read »

Effigies of Ancestors at UC Berkeley
by Arlee Leonard

Regardless of who hung them, and whether in support or mockery of the times we are in, they show that black life is still being strangled out.
read »

Let's Change It Now
by Sam Quick

A poetic response to racist segregation in Grand Rapids, MI.
read »

15 Miles from Ferguson
by Mark Patrick

In a different St. Louis suburb, the security I have in my neighborhood is not something I earned or even deserve.
read »

My Generation
by Whit Alleys Dziurka

A reaction to an article on Millennials.
read »

The Bad Professor's Beltway Decoder: A Lexicon of Washington Media
by Adam Francis Cornford

markets, the: casinos for the rich that we subsidize.
national interest, the: corporate interest, the.
read »

by Colin Scholl

Official correspondence, and a modest proposal.
read »

Human Being & Mendicants: Two Poems
by Colin Scholl

It's Springtime!
Graphic by Nadeer

Look »

Bad Subject Stephen Perkins, blogging from Cairo, posts photos of the street art of Egypt's evolving revolution that's displayed in Tahrir Square.

Cyber-liberty, Democracy and the Arab Psyche
by Kody Gerkin

In the Arab world the freedom to converse, not the mere googling of information is what can trigger political change. Social networks make this possible. read »

Word of Click: Social Networking and the Arab Spring Revolutions
by Kody Gerkin

Social networking's political value in the U.S. may not exceed its distracting/seductive values but such has not been the case with the Arab Spring Revolutions. read »

Predator Drones, Reaper Drones, and Total Disconnect

by Rosalie Riegle

Catholic activists sat down in front of an entrance to Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, Nevada.
read »

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Bad Subjects #90: Space

Is space the final frontier, or a steadily-shrinking zone of permission?


This issue's trajectory spans heliocentric worlds of science, politics, the arts, the interpersonal.  Show us your space-age optimism, Space Art, spatial illusion (like Virtual Reality), science fiction, militarization of space, privatization of space travel, psychedelia, architecture and interiors, urban or rural physical and psycho-geographies, incarceration, personal space (for collective protest, or privatized Air BnB and second homes), and of course the spaces and interstices you discover in-between.

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