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Editorials published in 1999.
1999 Marcel Khalife and Blasphemy
Joe Lockard
Two days ago, a Lebanese court found Marcel Khalife innocent of blasphemy. He never should have been tried.
1999 Tranny 2000
Annalee Newitz
As we enter the next century, it's becoming more and more obvious that what's good for the trannies is good for us.
1999 Microsoft Jungle: Bytes and Beef
Joe Lockard
The Internet and electronics industries claim exemptions from all previous known forms of economic structure.
1999 Sensation Show
Joe Lockard
P.T. Barnum would have loved the din surrounding the Sensation show at the Brooklyn Museum. Barnum and his advertising methods were the direct forebears of Charles Saatchi, who has installed his collection of contemporary British art over pious furor blasting out of Rudolph Giuliani's mayoral offices.
1999 Untitled
Frederick Aldama
It would seem that in spite of all the steps forward, homosexuality is only acceptable if pathologized -- associated with images of AIDS and/or as effemenized masculinity -- kept completely in the closet, and/or kept in the realm of fiction (movies etc.).
1999 California Violences
Joe Lockard
The difference between the stories and their coverage is not simply one of egregious criminal intent versus accidental deaths, so that the news interest of a neo-Nazi attack on a Jewish institution and children merits greater attention.
1999 Buffy: Hero for the Columbine Generation
Annalee Newitz
"Buffy: Graduation Day" is a fable about the dangerous power adults have over teens. Adults, we learn, are not all benevolent, and some will even try to destroy you. The only way to fight back is to be ready with the right weapons.
1999 Letter from South Africa
J C Myers
As I have been forced, night after night, to account for myself as an American it has become clearer to me just what was wrong with this way of posing the question. There never was one America to be accepted or rejected as a package deal.
1999 A Consideration of the Shootings in Littleton, Colorado
Megan Shaw
Unfortunately for the public image of adolescents nationwide, the shootings in Littleton fit into our national prejudice against "dangerous" teens like a nickel into a slot machine.
1999 Kosovo and Neo-Nationalism
Joe Lockard
Kosovo has meaning far beyond its borders: what Kosovo means today is the emergence of old ethnicities as new nationalisms.
1999 More than an Overstuffed Purple Space Alien
Charlie Bertsch
To look for evidence of pro-homosexual propaganda in a TV sitcom for twenty-somethings or an NEA-funded museum show was one thing, but to look for it in a show where the protagonists are four overstuffed space aliens with TV screens in their bellies was quite another.
1999 Racak, Mon Amour
Joe Lockard
The bodies of Racak villagers stretched out in a Kosovan mosque repeat and extend this decade's history of massacre in the Balkans. And, with equally repetitive predictability, western Europe, NATO and Washington speak their heartfelt but rote lines about the violation of human decency and the laws of war.
1999 Reconsidering Desert Fox
Joel Schalit
What distinguished this attack on Iraq from previous attacks is that the American government's propaganda apparatus drummed up very little political sympathy for the operation among American citizens.
1999 Impeachable Orgasms
Joe Lockard
A pack of baying Republicans claim that this impeachment concerns presidential perjury and cover-ups, not the sex itself. No one believes it.

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