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Editorials published in 2001.
2001 Thank You
Steven Rubio
Cultural critics like Pauline Kael and Michael Rogin are rare, but their influence is long lasting. We miss them when they are gone, but one can state with assurance (and without resorting to New Age mysticism) that in important ways, they aren't really gone at all.
2001 Which Side Are We On?
J. C. Myers
The war, such as it is, has been good for President Bush. Of course, any president lives for the chance to play Commander-in-Chief, but for Bush, war has been a truly special gift: it has made him almost articulate.
2001 Letter to Yair
Joe Lockard
A conscientious objector reminds us that it takes courage to refuse weapons.
2001 Peace Goes Public
Jonathan Sterne
A steady monologue of war fever has appeared in the pages of the press and on the screens of our television sets.
2001 Civil Rights on the War Bonfire
Joe Lockard
Where the World Trade Center / Pentagon terrorists began and ended their deeds in lawlessness, the Bush administration is leading the U.S. government from lawfulness into lawlessness.
2001 George Bush's Holy War
Aaron Shuman
While America's leaders pledged to erase terrorists and launch crusades against barbarians, some Americans were taking steps to do, if not God's work, than certainly the country's, wherever they saw them.
2001 F-16s Over Broadway and the New Shape of Politics
Joe Lockard, Joel Schalit
Then comes the realization that US politics have been radically altered by this quintessentially political violence.
2001 Poets Summit
Aaron Shuman
One of the things East Bay performance poetry does is chuck the notion of representation in art and substitute hip-hop's value of representing of manifesting, testifying, breaking it down, telling it, letting the spirit move you, or any other of the myriad phrases people have devised to refer to the power of individually borne and conveyed experience.
2001 Love Parade
John Brady
For over a decade on one weekend in July, Berlin has also become the capital of Love as hundreds of thousands of ravers from across the globe have poured into the city on the Spree to dance in the Love Parade, one of the world's largest outdoor celebrations of techno music and culture.
2001 After Gothenburg
Joe Lockard
Current European public antagonism towards US environmental carelessness, renewal of Cold War missile-building, and failure to pursue a meaningful consultative relationship contrasts with a rising sense of European Union solidarity vis-a-vis the United States.
2001 Bob Kerrey and Vietnam Memory
Joe Lockard
It's another case of the Vietnam Memory Syndrome, that peculiarly American selective forgetfulness that permits national moral self-elevation.
2001 Santee Happens
Mike Males
The designated national menace is now the weirdo whiteboy.
2001 Eminem & Elton John do the Grammies
Cynthia Hoffman
You know the world I mean, the one with the people in it who think that when the voices on the right want things declared illegal it's legislating morality and promoting censorship, but when that same desire comes from the left, it's hate crimes and hate speech, which is somehow different.
2001 Letter from South Africa: (Art) History in Reverse
J C Myers
Certain coincidences invite the application of conspiracy theory. Others are sufficiently bizarre so as to rule out all conspiracies save one.
2001 Bad Subjects Interviews Howard Zinn
Joel Schalit, Joe Lockard
On the day before George Bush was inaugurated as president, BS editors Joe Lockard and Joel Schalit talked with Zinn to listen to the observations of an academic activist concerning this juncture in American history.
2001 Letter From Yair Halper
Yair Halper
My name is Yair Halper and I am a conscientious objector to military service. On Wednesday the 17 October 2001, I will be incarcerated for my beliefs.
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