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Editorials published in 2002.
2002 Black Hawk Afghanistan
Joe Lockard
The world of Black Hawk Down is not one created by military dominance, but rather by massive political uncertainties and unresolved human suffering.
2002 John Q and Health Care Policy
Joe Lockard
Denzel Washington is doing a better job leading healthcare debate than the legislators who have an electoral mandate to deal with the issue.
2002 Mr. Feinberg: Meet the People
Jo Rittenhouse
The fact that I, as a citizen of this country, currently have fewer rights than my cats do makes me wonder.
2002 Sharonism
Joe Lockard
Sharonism is the political philosophy that military force decides all questions and politicians are no better than the armies at their command.
2002 Grapes, Onions and Criminalizing Peace
Joe Lockard
Once I helped stop Ariel Sharon for three hours.
2002 Whose Good Fortuyn?
Charlie Bertsch
The metamorphosis of the Netherlands from an exemplary nation to an example of Europe's continuing troubles with difference turns on the figure of Pim Fortuyn.
2002 September 11, 2002: Reflections from a Year's Distance
Cynthia Hoffman
This isn't going to be is a paean to my country, a demonstration of how patriotic I am, or how September 11, 2001 changed my life emotionally.
2002 "You're a Hitler! No, you're a Hitler!"
John Brady
If there is a war with Iraq, we will surely be treated to enough staged, slickly packaged examples of military conflict. We have no need for contrived episodes of political conflict.
2002 Launching the Creative Commons
Megan Shaw Prelinger
Recent extensions to copyright terms have had a cumulative effect of dwindling the public domain almost out of existence.
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