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Editorials published in 2004.
2004 Iraq, the Anti-War Movement, and Anti-Romanticism
Joe Lockard
There will be a winning side in Iraq, the one fueled and driven by a hatred of American conquerors in Humvees. The US invasion has all but guaranteed this result, whether in a few years or many years on. Romanticizing that bloody process is nauseating.
2004 How Pink is Orange? Phobias of the Revolution
Tomasz Kitlinski
In Kiev today, American money for NGOs powers the coffee and pilmeni, as well as privileged, less-crowded tents. As one demonstrator tells me, top-echelon protesters camp in better, American-made tents. This is all the joyous Kiev wedding night of yet another majoritarian regime in the New Straight Order.
2004 The Ukrainian Crisis and Liberal Nationalism
Tomasz Kitlinski, Joe Lockard
Yushchenko appears in the mold of a liberal democrat, a late-arriving version of Havel in the Czech Republic or Walesa in Poland. The politics inaugurated by these figures have been directed towards assimilation into a neo-liberal global order characterized by ‘market economies’ where education, health and social welfare systems have been ruthlessly de-funded in the name of national economic competitiveness.
2004 Interviews with Ukrainian Strikers
Tomasz Kitlinski
“On election night I went to sleep convinced that Yushchenko won,” says Andriy Bondarenko, a Ukrainian graduate student. “When I woke up and learned that the supposed results say that Yushchenko lost, I felt shame.” Andriy studies in Lublin, Poland. With news of the election fraud, he decided to take the all-night bus journey to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in order to join his brother and thousands of demonstrators in Independence Square.
2004 The Loveless Election: Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Being Burned Alive at the Stake
Scott Schaffer
Dealing with the "two nations" phenomenon by taking a lesson from the evil Dr. Arliss Loveless.
2004 Four More Years of Blood
Joe Lockard
It is the futility of this war that must at minimum become a centerpiece of anti-war organizing in the United States, organizing work that has been too intermittent and has yet to establish a consistently visible presence in US political dynamics.
2004 Redefining Liberalism: How the Republicans Became Freedom Fighters
Colette Gaiter
Does being a "believer" mean you have to give up independent thinking? Are the two mutually exclusive? Too many "liberals" think so and that is why we lost this incredibly close election. We have let the right define us in a way that guarantees continued losses.
2004 Howard's Run
Mike Mosher
A look back on the Dean candidacy and what it can tell us about the election.
2004 A View from Canada
Jonathan Sterne
A vote is the beginning of political participation, not the end.
2004 Some Simple Thoughts on Jacques Derrida (1930-2004)
Jonathan Sterne
An obituary for Jacques Derrida. Argues that despite its difficulty, leftists can learn from deconstruction.
2004 Indymedia and Zenger
Joe Lockard
It may become plausible to contend that twenty-first century electronic journalists have less freedom to dissent than did eighteenth-century American print journalists.
2004 Troy, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Bush Culture
Tomasz Kitlinski, Joe Lockard
Troy is a social palimpsest for Bush culture, a point at which the values propagated by the Bush administration can be read for effect.
2004 Tommie Smith, John Carlos and the Athens Olympics
Joe Lockard
There is no such condition as complete political neutrality: the Olympics are an exercise in political muting. The question is, what is being muted?
2004 Where's the Rest of Him?
J.C. Myers
The saccharine remembrances that filled the media in the wake of his passing have carefully airbrushed our picture of that time, leaving an image wholly compatible with Reagan's own shiny, shallow rhetoric.
2004 Interview with Greg Palast, Muckraker Extraordinaire
John Brady, Greg Palast
Bad Subjects production team member John Brady talked with Greg Palast by phone as he was on his way to a radio interview in San Francisco, one of the many stops on Palast's current national speaking tour in support of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy.
2004 Same-Sex Marriage: An International Human Right
Ewa Pagacz
While the United States is debating a constitutional same-sex marriage ban, other countries are heading in the opposite direction.
2004 The Haitian Coup and the Tragedy of the Left
J.C. Myers
In the fall of Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, some will undoubtedly find a contemporary staging of the Great Tragedy of the Left: revolutionary leaders -- brought to power on the shoulders of a popular movement -- sink into a mire of corruption and repression, only to be overthrown by the same forces that once lifted them into office.
2004 Looking Back on 2003
Cynthia Hoffman, Elisabeth Hurst, Joe Lockard, Mike Mosher, Joel Schalit, Scott Schaffer, Jonathan Sterne
Politics touched everyone's lives in 2003 in ways that will live with us into 2004 and beyond. Each political event touched everyone differently. With a few weeks to reflect, Bad Subjects, from different parts of the US, share some of the ways that politics touched our lives.

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