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Editorials published in 2005.
2005 Kate Moss’s “Fall”, or Ideology of the Kate Look
Tomasz Kitlinski
Supermodel Kate Moss is expected to be an aesthetic object of desire, a prim and proper paragon. Europe’s giant fashion house H&M dropped her for snorting cocaine and admitting to it. Is this the end of our glamorama?
2005 The Floating Corpse of New Orleans
Tomasz Kitlinski, Joe Lockard, Stephane Symons
Floating corpses, dehydrated babies, fires, National Guard soldiers with shoot-to-kill orders. This is a state of emergency. It is this the state of exception that, according to Giorgio Agamben, characterizes our current political order.
2005 The London Attacks
Tomasz Kitlinski, Joe Lockard
Those who love London, in all of its cosmopolitan humanity, share the mourning and anger of its citizens today.
2005 The Politics of Same Sex Marriage
Jonathan Sterne
Successful same-sex marriage legislation in Canada and Spain shows that left projects will always be greeted by conservatives with acrimony. Rather than wringing our hands about "polarization," we should look back to this history of other major left victories. PLUS: what's next after marriage for queer rights?
2005 Attending to the Wrong Chickens?
Frederick Luis Aldama
Are we going to give the state more authority, as Stanley Fish suggests? Are we going to impose indoctrination of any kind in schools? And are we going to help the state divest the people -- the working people -- of their civil rights?
2005 European Disunion
Jonathan Sterne
With last Wednesday’s “no” vote for the EU constitution, two stalwart “Europeanist” countries have dealt serious blows to the constitutional movement.
2005 Susan Sontag 1933-2004: Lit Crit & Love
Mike Mosher
"I love to read the way people love to watch television," Sontag told a magazine interviewer. Her essays spotlit authors in novel ways, yet she argued that interpretation is a carnivorous form of translation. She wrote and directed four movies. She angered right-wingers with her comments on the 9/11 attacks. Susan Sontag was sexy.
2005 Ward Churchill and the Right Wing Aftermath: Institutional Racism and Attacks on Ethnic Studies
Arturo J. Aldama, Jonathan Sterne
The Department of Ethnic Studies at Colorado-Boulder, where Churchill works along with eight tenured/tenure track faculty and several lecturers, graduate students, staff and student workers and over a 120 majors, has become a battleground in the ongoing culture wars.
2005 Torture Chic
Jonathan Sterne
While former BadEditor Aaron Shuman serves a 4-month sentence in federal prison for opposing U.S. state sponsorship of torture, a new "torture chic" creeps into prime-time television.
2005 It's Official: Saddam Wins!
Mike Mosher, Photos: PoliSci Fiction News Service
BAGHDAD, APRIL FIRST (PoliSci Fiction News Service)-- It's a surprise that Iraq's election has led to Saddam Hussein as Prime Minister, but if the election was going to be truly democratic, he had to be allowed to campaign too.
2005 Quebec Student Strike
Jonathan Sterne
On Friday 18 March 2005 undergraduate students at my university, McGill, join a province-wide movement to protest $103 million cuts to education. Graduate and Professional Students struck on Wednesday.
2005 Dispatches from the Bush: Looking Behind the Curtain of Baseball Fever
Louis McFarland
All eyes are on the American League Championship Series this week on Chicago’s Southside. The White Sox led by venezolano, Ozzie Guillen, and Cuban exile, pitching wizard José Contreras, bring the national spotlight to Chicago. And while light shines on our city, this light obscures more than it reveals…
2005 An Open Letter to the University of Colorado-Boulder Administration, From the Department of Ethnic Studies
CU-Boulder Ethnic Studies Department
An open letter from the University of Colorado-Boulder Ethnic Studies Department to their administration, with appended examples of the hate mail they have received.

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