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Editorials published in 2006.
2006 Feingold for President!
Mike Mosher
Sorry Hilary. I'm for Russ, and think he's electable. His political integrity is a big thing; his ethnicity, no big thing.
2006 The Anti-Immigrant Impulse in U.S. Comedy
Evening comedy in the U.S. uses racist depictions of immigrants to gain laughs and ratings while misleading the public about the importance of immigrants to our economy and culture.
2006 Oil Addiction? No kidding…
Zack Furness
In the recent state of the union address the American public was treated to another healthy dose of the Bush administrations’ garbage rhetoric associated with their existing energy initiatives. I hesitate to use the term “policies,” because the word policy almost implicitly entails some form of accountability, which is exactly what prominent Bush cronies have so diligently fought to alleviate over the last six years.
2006 RAZA/RACE: Why Support Immigrants?
The working classes in the U.S. should see anti-immigrant legislation and discourse as a divide-and-conquer strategy of the global elite. They should stand in solidarity with undocmented immigrant workers as a tactic in the struggle against the devastating policies of global capitalism.
2006 South Dakota vs. Women
South Dakota’s restrictive abortion ban prohibits nearly all abortions, even in cases of incest, rape, and endangerment of the mother’s life.
2006 Names Like Mohamed
In the wake of an alleged terrorist plot, what does it mean for Canada's national newspaper to print a racist article on their front page?
2006 RAZA/RACE: Fear of a Non-English Nation
We are at war with terrorism, war with immigrants and war with ourselves. It follows that we are at war with language and languages. Since we also live in a racist society it follows that the languages spoken by darker skinned people would be attacked. And so it is. In the wars against “terrorism” (or more truthfully rendered, war against “Islam and the people of the Middle East”) and undocumented immigration, Arabic, the language of the “terrorists”, and Spanish, the language of the “illegal alien”, are under fire.
2006 Mistranslating the Mexican Election
Susana Vargas
Newspapers in the U.S. and Canada consistently misrepresent the democratic process in Mexico, to the advantage of the right wing establishment.
2006 War Ensemble
Zack Furness
As for the situation in the Middle East, we will continue to watch the news as Israel uses U.S. manufactured weapons to destroy Gaza, the Lebanese infrastructure, and any hope that Lebanon has for creating a strong government that is capable of reining in Hezbollah.
2006 Murray Bookchin 1921-2006
2006 Michigan Trembles
Democrats swept university Boards, the Democratic Governor beat back a Republican challenger, the Democratic Senator was re‑elected...but a proposition passed to outlaw affirmative action.
2006 The View From a Few Miles Up The Road
Reflecting on Europeans' and Canadians' comments that they, too, should get a vote in U.S. elections.

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