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Editorials published in 2007.
2007 Jock of the Seventies: US President Gerald Ford, 1912-2006
Mike Mosher, Artworks © Mike Mosher, 1978, 2006. "Fordkiss #2", pastel on paper, Tolhuijs collection, Zurich, Switzerland. "Fordkiss #1", lithograph, artist's collection
One Bad Subject's judgment of Ford's Presidency may be clouded by affection and sentimentality.
2007 What Would Dr. King Do: The New Movement Against War And Racism
What would Dr. King do about war, racism, poverty and immigration?
2007 The Congestion Coalition?
In a recent article published in the Washington Post, two of the Reason Institute’s hired research monkeys tried to debunk some of the so-called 'myths' we associate with suburbia, automobiles and car culture. The holes in these arguments are about as big as the profit oriented loopholes that think tanks like the Reason Institute build into their ill-founded policy recommendations.
2007 This Wheel's on Fire: Sleek Little UAW iStrikes
This fall there were two strikes by the United Auto Workers, but even in industrial Michigan, I fear they came and went too fast to register a cultural impact.

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