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Editorials published in 2009
2009 Reply to "California's Proposition 8: a Stain on Freedom's Flag."
Saddened and disturbed by Tim Barrett's article, I found it problematic for several reasons.
2009 Good News
While we ready ourselves for the Barack H. Obama presidency, anti-Black racial violence continues in Oakland.
2009 Blockheads on the Meltdown
Bankers and our banks, solid as a rock.
2009 Straying From the Script: Stuart Townsend's "Battle in Seattle" and the Politics of Truth
Jason Michael Adams
Jason Michael Adams marks the tenth anniversary of the storied protests at the Seattle WTO meeting in November and December of 1999 by reflecting on the much-criticized 2008 feature Battle in Seattle that purports to tell the story of the event. He argues that the film's very fictionality, coupled with its insistence on providing a range of perspectives, does a better job of capturing what made the protests successful than more "factual" accounts undermined by the doctrinaire positions they seek to reinforce.
2009 My Own Take
One aspect of American politics that I’ve become increasingly obsessed with of late is what seems to be an ongoing separation of “liberals” from “Democrats.”

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