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Editorials published in 2013
2013 "Maggie, Maggie, Maggie,..."
A. E. McCann
The news came on Monday, April 8th that Margret Thatcher was dead.
2013 George Zimmerman: Out Looking for Trouble
Colette Gaiter. Graphics courtesy Wikipedia.
The insidious racism in this country is at the case's heart.
2013 Prison for Peace
Some are arrested, go to trial, and leave family and community for jail and prison, all in the cause of peace.
2013 Got a TV Eye on Me: Video, State Surveillance, and Resistance
Mike Mosher
It's the cameras around us, and the ones in our pockets, and the software and servers that monitor our texts and clicks, that make, and record, history in 2013.
2013 The 'Free Exchange of Ideas': Our New Normal
Joseph Natoli
Phrases such as "free exchange of ideas" conceal dark complexities which can be disturbingly linked to our present asymmetrical arrangement of power.
2013 The Bad Professor's Beltway Decoder: A Lexicon of Washington Media
Adam Francis Cornford
markets, the: casinos for the rich that we subsidize.
national interest, the: corporate interest, the.
2013 Human Being & Mendicants: Two Poems
Colin Scholl
Caution/Contents under pressure/Do not agitate...

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