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Editorials published in 2014.
2014 REHABILITATION and Humanar®
Official correspondence, and a modest proposal.
2014 By Canceling "Tell Me More", NPR Diminishes Public Radio
Mike Mosher
2014 My Generation
Whit Alleys Dziurka
My reaction to an article in CM Life on Millennials.
2014 Defending our Trans* Community
Charin Davenport
I am very angry about the brutal attack on Toledo, Ohio trans* activist Candice Rose Milligan.
2014 A Modest Proposal About Police Killings
Mike Mosher
If a police officer kills someone in the line of duty, it should end his or her police career.
2014 15 Miles from Ferguson
Mark Patrick
The security I have in my neighborhood is not something I earned or even deserve.
2014 Fatal Eruptions on the American Scene
Joseph Natoli
A black man selling "loosies," un-packaged cigarettes, to the homeless is not only ungentrified but also a plight in the gentrified imagination.
2014 Effigies of Ancestors at UC Berkeley
Arlee Leonard
Regardless of who re-hung them, and whether in support or mockery of the times we are in, they show that black life is still being strangled out.

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