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Editorials published in 2015.
2015 Organize!
Whit Alleys Dziurka
It's your labor, and you should dictate what it looks like.
2015 Hillary Clinton’s Emails
Harry Hammitt
Under federal law, her emails reflecting agency business were agency records.
2015 Mental Health
Whit Alleys Dziurka
2015 Let's Change It Now
On racism and segregation in Grand Rapids, MI
2015 A Transgender Veteran’s Story: Misgendered for Surgery
Char Davenport
I had been repeatedly misgendered, an unpleasant experience, at the Veterans Administration Hospital.
2015 Fair Share and Consent Based Organizing
Whit Alleys Dziurka
Although Right to Work legislation differs, depending on what state you may live and work in, it all aims to do the same thing: take away workers’ power to bargain for their own contracts.
2015 Veterans' Suicides
Don Zuzula
People who have never served, or don't have family who have served, don't actually value their service
2015 Candidates, War and Karma
Corey Gilbert
During the Iraq war, conservatives kept the war drum beating, according to the media. Now with the Syrian war, it seems to be the liberals keeping the war drums sounding.
2015 The Bernie Campaign's First 150 Days
Mike Mosher
"Enough is Enough!" punctuated Senator Sanders' speeches.

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