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Editorials published in 2017,
2017 Our Diva President Donald Madonna
Mike Mosher
Madonna’s biography makes one realize how various behaviors evinced by Trump might be explained via the female entertainer’s psychology and movie personas.
2017 Trump, Russia, and Global Capitalism
A liberal Facebook friend of mine denounced Edward Snowden because he received asylum in Russia and stated that the US under Trump will become a "satellite" of Russia. I feel it necessary to make the following points in the current climate of unreason and cognitive semi-paralysis.
2017 The Trump Putsch
Thomas Powell
Donald Trump is proposing a class shakedown of middle and working class wealth. Trump’s agenda set forward in the GOP platform will make all of us who are not wealthy, even less wealthy, and it will make the poor impoverished.
2017 Donald Trump, Alt-Right Goddess
Alice Yang
The facts and statistics of both history and contemporary existence clearly show that white supremacy stands as strong as ever but the alt right is not thinking logically.
2017 This is the Story: Women March in 2017
Molly Hankwitz
One great march and we turn hopeful that constant pushing and pulling will produce the desired effects of harm-reduction to the American people and to our democratic institutions.
2017 Chicago Women’s March January 21, 2017
Sonia Yaco
As we moved into the main march, we saw large numbers of Muslim women, a socialist group, and a sea of pink pussy hats.

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