01: New Hegemony

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People Building the New Hegemony: Taking a stand in the service of leftist politics.
01: New Hegemony Introduction: People Building the New Hegemony
Annalee Newitz and Joe Sartelle
The purpose of a Bad Subjects article is to take a stand, preferably one which is defiant of conventional leftist wisdom in the service of leftist politics.
01: New Hegemony Notes on Teaching Self-Consciousness
Charlie Bertsch
Pedagogical-talk appears reluctant to think out the connection between better teaching and 'better' students.
01: New Hegemony The MLA and the Market
Annalee Newitz
It became clear to me that the MLA conference is not organized to serve those who attend sessions.
01: New Hegemony As If We Were a Community
Joe Sartelle
The odd experience of attending both the Lesbian and Gay Freedom Day Parade in San Francisco and the "25 Year Mission Tour" Star Trek convention in San Mateo.
01: New Hegemony The Simulation of Praxis
Annalee Newitz
The desire to occupy and study "identities" is a symptom of our inability to think beyond what might be called the "primal scene" of capitalist culture itself.

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