02: We Mean It

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October 1992: Discussing the 1992 elections.
02: We Mean It Introduction: We Mean It
Annalee Newitz, Joe Sartelle
A brief response to some of the ways the first issue of Bad Subjects was received.
02: We Mean It Bill Clinton: Yuppie White Trash
Charlie Bertsch
Clinton's supporters set out to stage an ideological coup d'tat inside the Democratic Party, dislodging perceived vestiges of liberal to radical thought.
02: We Mean It Cynicism And The Election
Joe Sartelle
A "Rock the Vote" ad simply urges viewers to vote--for anyone or anything, just so long as they exercise their capacity to make a choice.
02: We Mean It Dan Quayle Was Right
Steven Rubio
What seems most ironic about the faux-battle being waged between Quayle and the entertainment industry is that, whether they admit it or not, they are on the same side.
02: We Mean It Voices from the Collective
Letters from readers and further discussion about the issues.

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