03: Taking It Politically

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November 1992: The election showed us how it was possible to take politics personally.
03: Taking It Politically Introduction: Taking It Politically
Annalee Newitz, Joe Sartelle
We nearly wept when we saw Bill Clinton give his acceptance speech. For a while, all of us shared an unexpected sense of renewed hope and optimism about the future of America.
03: Taking It Politically An Exchange About 'MLA And The Market'
Houston A. Baker, Jr., Annalee Newitz
Correspondence between the MLA president and a graduate student conference attendee.
03: Taking It Politically Batman/Election Returns
Alyson Bardsley
I feel like Catwoman. I've cut and stitched this movie and made something of my own from it which kind of holds together, which has for me a certain quality of self expression.
03: Taking It Politically Inventing a Socialist Therapeutic: Recovery Culture and Utopia
Annalee Newitz
While people in therapy and the impoverished are undeniably experiencing some form of anguish, those in therapy are told that it isn't their fault, while those in poverty are told that it is.
03: Taking It Politically Public Intellectuals
Joe Sartelle
Having read far too many articles and heard far too many talks, I am confessing to writing like an academic.

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