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Issues from 1993: Drop Your Weapons, Come Serve With Us!, The Season Finale, Season Premiere, The Badder The Better, The Music Issue, and Addiction.
1993 10: Addiction
December 1993: Drugs are merely one kind of object people can become addicted to.
1993 09: The Music Issue
November 1993: A good indication of how arbitrary taste-preferences are.
1993 08: The Badder The Better
October 1993: This issue presents a side of Bad Subjects that is not always as clear as we would like.
1993 07: Season Premiere
September 1993: What does it mean to be a community? It means working together.
1993 06: Season Finale
May 1993: We now want to expand the ranks of this publication and form a collective.
1993 05: Come Serve With Us!
March/April 1993: Come serve with us!
1993 04: Drop Your Weapons
February 1993: We at Bad Subjects are willing to "drop our weapons".

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