04: Drop Your Weapons

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February 1993: We at Bad Subjects are willing to "drop our weapons".
04: Drop Your Weapons Introduction: Drop Your Weapons
Annalee Newitz, Joe Sartelle
We at Bad Subjects are willing to "drop our weapons" in response to the clear message that our symbols were standing in the way of the effective communication of our ideas.
04: Drop Your Weapons A Non-Homologous Pair of Tales
Alyson Bardsley
Two stories about life in modern workplaces.
04: Drop Your Weapons Democratizing The Academy
Eric V. Chandler
We can produce a radically new organization of the University if we can just generate for ourselves a responsible democratic vision.
04: Drop Your Weapons Jeff Koons And The Paradox Of A Superstar's Phenomenon
D.S. Baker
The Koons phenomenon -- Jeff Koons himself, his objects, and the discursive reception that surrounds it all -- seems gravely paradoxical.
04: Drop Your Weapons The Internet, The A.G.S.E. Strike, And Me
Steven Rubio
When the AGSE went on strike against the University of California at Berkeley, my Internet education was about to increase a hundredfold.

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