05: Come Serve With Us!

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March/April 1993: Come serve with us!
05: Come Serve With Us! Introduction: Come Serve With Us!
Annalee Newitz and Joe Sartelle
We need you. We know you're out there. Join our mission. Come serve with us!
05: Come Serve With Us! Dennis Cooper's Monster In The Margins
Kim Nicolini
There are no simple answers, and that is the core of the problem, especially in a politicized community which professes to have clearly-defined answers.
05: Come Serve With Us! Fantasies Of Straight Men: Some Thoughts about Gays in the Military
Joe Sartelle
After decades of bloody battles for the fair and equal treatment of African-Americans, women and other "minorities," how can we still be so obtuse about the basic underlying principles?
05: Come Serve With Us! Losing Faith
Annalee Newitz
Now that America has lived through the devastating implications of 80s capitalism, it is time to reconsider our position, to reorganize and refocus our collective national faith.
05: Come Serve With Us! Making Sense Of Seattle
Charlie Bertsch
1992 was the year of the Seattle music scene. It was also the year in which the "alternative" music promoted by college radio finally achieved widespread mainstream success.
05: Come Serve With Us! Marketing Angry Women
Ann Marie Caffrey
We're comfortable with women who are comfortable with their own power, but we like to make sure they're still women.
05: Come Serve With Us! % Gay?
Karin Swann
Gays and lesbians in America would do themselves a great service by exposing the nature of surveys that claim to assess our number in the population to a severe critique.

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