06: Season Finale

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May 1993: We now want to expand the ranks of this publication and form a collective.
06: Season Finale Introduction: The Season Finale
Annalee Newitz, Joe Sartelle
As we announced in the last issue, we now want to expand the ranks of this publication and form a collective that will share responsibility for all aspects of its production and distribution.
06: Season Finale Alien Abductions and the End of White People
Annalee Newitz
For any human who has studied the history of race relations on Earth, the "alien abduction" narrative may sound a little familiar.
06: Season Finale Area Studies, Multiculturalism, and the Problems of Expert Knowledge
Clarisa Bencomo, Elliott Colla
We believe that the multicultural project has a long way to go before it ever enjoys the sort of institutionalized cultural power its opposite enjoys today.
06: Season Finale Jurassic Park, or Sympathy for the Dinosaur
Joe Sartelle
What dinosaurs seem to represent to us is a whole alternate model, an elaborate projection, of a racially-varied 'society' not unlike our own.
06: Season Finale Oh Bondage Up Yours!
Steven Rubio
It is possible, even likely, that those who once heard a great and awful roar in 1977 are willing to settle for a Rhino reissue in 1993. But such a nostalgic settlement does not connect us with our past, but instead denies it.
06: Season Finale Talking Out Rancor and Redemption
Ann Marie Caffrey
What's needed is a plan of action, but recognizing the necessities on America's "fix-list" is a beginning.

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