09: The Music Issue

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November 1993: A good indication of how arbitrary taste-preferences are.
09: The Music Issue Introduction: Political Preferences, Not Taste Preferences
Charlie Bertsch
The range of musical interests reflected in this issue gives a good indication of both how many different sorts of musical pleasure are out there *and* how arbitrary taste-preferences are.
09: The Music Issue A Conversation About Bruce Springsteen
Joe Sartelle, Steven Rubio
Recently we decided to collaborate on an essay about Bruce Springsteen for this issue. What follows is our e-mail conversation about Bruce.
09: The Music Issue Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me: GG Allin, R.I.P.
Catherine Hollis
I'll confess: I was unaffected by GG's personal charisma, until I was sucked in by a picture of him, dead in his coffin.
09: The Music Issue Madonna's Revenge
Annalee Newitz
What Madonna has given to American culture, and culture throughout the world, is not a collection of songs; rather, it is a collection of images.
09: The Music Issue Milli Vanilli and the Scapegoating of the Inauthentic
Ted Friedman
Pop music hangs on to the folk-era image of the individual artist communicating directly to her or his listeners. Milli Vanilli became martyrs to this myth of authenticity.
09: The Music Issue Seattle Uber Alles
Joel Schalit, John Brady
The phenomenon of selling out has become big currency these days since the adoption of punk by the American culture industry.
09: The Music Issue Talking 'Bout Whose Generation
Brian Kassof
The Boomers' operating premise seems to be that if the culture of their youth was so 'groovy', that our generation will naturally come to accept it as the only worthwhile American mass culture.
09: The Music Issue Voices from the Collective
Letters from readers about past articles.

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