10: Addiction

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December 1993: Drugs are merely one kind of object people can become addicted to.
10: Addiction Introduction: Altering Consciousness
Catherine Hollis, Annalee Newitz
Drugs are merely one kind of object people can become addicted to -- there are a range of other addictive substances available to us in consumer culture.
10: Addiction Girl Clothes in a Box
Leslie Minot
One night toward the end of September I folded up all my 'girl clothes' and put them in a box in the bottom of my closet.
10: Addiction Hallucinating in Paradise
S.W. Hendee
I remember being unable to tell what temperature it was, feeling completely exposed, and a sense of weariness at thinking about everything.
10: Addiction Nymphomania
Annalee Newitz
Ultimately the use value of the sex act is no longer procreation. A loving, or family, relationship is not that it can be sexualized.
10: Addiction Tuning In To Apathy
Ann Marie Caffrey
I can manage social responsibility by contributing to my world without controlling it.
10: Addiction Wired?
Charlie Bertsch
That we're physically addicted to electricity is obvious; the extent to which we're psychologically addicted is not.
10: Addiction Working the Program
Jillian Sandell
Twelve Step meetings seems to have reached a point where they are viewed at best as a harmless but self-indulgent part of middle-class lifestyles.
10: Addiction Voices from the Collective
Gregory Stephens
Letters from readers about past articles.

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