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Issues from 1994: Using the Canon, Sampler, Pacific Rim, What is Left?, Apocalypse, Opening Issues, and Geographies
1994 17: Geographies
November 1994: Questioning authoritative, 'objective' generalizations about contemporary culture.
1994 16: Opening Issues
October 1994: Openings for your own ideas.
1994 15: Apocalypse
September 1994: The apocalyptic mood is quite real, and needs to be accounted for.
1994 14: What is Left?
May 1994: A slap in the face of cynical individualism.
1994 13: Pacific Rim
April 1994: Looks at the kinds of popular fantasies Pacific Rim nations exchange with each other.
1994 12: Sampler
March 1994: Ideology is always at work in our daily cultural practices.
1994 11: Using the Canon
January/February 1994: People study popular culture from just about every point of view.

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