12: Sampler

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March 1994: Ideology is always at work in our daily cultural practices.
12: Sampler Coming Into Badness: Bad Subjects Everywhere
Carlos F. Camargo, Jillian Sandell
The normalizing forces of ideology are most successfully and succinctly at work in our daily cultural practices.
12: Sampler And a Purple Dinosaur Shall Lead Them: Barney and the Future of Intergenerational Politics
Adam Cadre
Now, suddenly, Big Bird is passe. The powers that be seem to have decided that 'Sesame Street' is not the ideal children's show it was once thought to be.
12: Sampler Baud Subjects
Steven Rubio
My love affair with my modem began in 1983, when I saw War Games for the first time.
12: Sampler The Cultural Necessity of Queer Families
Jillian Sandell
To a certain extent 1993 really was the year of the queer.
12: Sampler Gramsci Rush: Limbaugh on the 'Culture War'
Charlie Bertsch
The most frustrating thing about reading _See, I Told You So_ is the way leftists and liberals are lumped together as 'left liberals'.
12: Sampler Notes from Moscow: Will the Michael Jackson Concert Take Place?
Nikita Pokrovsky
Moscow was living with one thought only: will the Michael Jackson concert take place in the evening at the Olympic stadium?
12: Sampler Reading, Writing, and Rap: Literacy as Rap Sound System
Josh Kun
My research impulses have led me more frequently to my stereo than to the bookshelf.

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