16: Opening Issues

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October 1994: Openings for your own ideas.
16: Opening Issues Opening Issues
Ron Alcalay
We hope you'll find openings for your own ideas, and perhaps an inclination to respond in a letter or online, so that we may print your response in the issue to come.
16: Opening Issues Antidisestablishmentarianism or, Entering McLuhan from the Rear
Jonathan Sterne
Whatever the truth of the matter, it is axiomatic that the more educated one becomes, the more left one becomes.
16: Opening Issues Bisexuality And How To Use It: Toward a Coalitional Identity Politics
Annalee Newitz, Jillian Sandell
Bisexuality rarely gets the same kind of validation that is a necessary part of forming a healthy identity.
16: Opening Issues Marketing Masculinity in Jean-Claude Van Damme's Universal Soldier
Jeff Akeley
Invoking defense of the family as the primary motivation for the activities of a standing army operates on several cultural levels.
16: Opening Issues Making Distinctions: The Politics of the Microbrewery Revolution
Charlie Bertsch
In the late 1970s the Carter Administration repealed federal regulations dating back to Prohibition that had made the homebrewing of beer illegal.
16: Opening Issues Voices from the Collective
The Bad Subjects Collective
Letters from readers about past articles.

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