17: Geographies

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November 1994: Questioning authoritative, 'objective' generalizations about contemporary culture.
17: Geographies Introduction: Personal Space
Charlie Bertsch, Jonathan Sterne
Questioning the authoritative, 'objective' generalizations about contemporary culture that underlie the work of the Foucaults and Jamesons of this world.
17: Geographies Burrowed Frontiers
Richard Singer
Our past hopes for space exploration have begun to look quaint. The notion of finding alternatives on distant planets has been exposed as a daydream.
17: Geographies Crossing the Rock Island Line: Civil Society and Politics in Canada and the United States
Joel Schalit
If anything can be said generally about a common North American experience which Americans do not share, it is fear of the US itself.
17: Geographies Frat Boy Fetishism: When the Goods Get Together
Freya Johnson
Chevrolet was shooting a commercial for the 1995 Cavalier and our hallowed hall of the humanities was playing a fraternity house for the day.
17: Geographies Scratch Me, and I Bleed Champaign: Geography, Poverty and Politics in the Heart of East Central Illinois
Jonathan Sterne
This essay will chart the geography of Urbana-Champaign from a hybrid point of view.
17: Geographies Looking Back and Moving On
Joe Sartelle
Shortly before the completion of Issue #15 ('Apocalypse'), I decided it was time for me to step down from my position of leadership within Bad Subjects.
17: Geographies Making a Social Atlas
Doug Henwood
An atlas of the U.S. is a challenge, because the spaces involved are not always easy to represent.
17: Geographies Why Do You Want to Get Laid? Mapping Sexual Geographies
Annalee Newitz
I fell in love with the word 'fuck' instantly, probably because I could tell that it was an emotionally powerful syllable.
17: Geographies Smells Like Jobs
Steven Rubio
Geography is everything and nothing. Antioch was less than an hour's drive from liberal, diverse cities like San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, yet we were as segregated as Selma, Alabama.
17: Geographies Streets of San Francisco: A Personal Geography
Kim Nicolini
I'm mapping myself or attempting to show you how my 'self' is mapped on the streets of San Francisco.
17: Geographies Voices from the Collective
Joe Sartelle
Letters from readers about past articles.

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