18: Cyberspace

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January 1995: Cyberspace is both the topic of this issue and its mode of production.
18: Cyberspace Introduction: Cyberspace and its Discontents
Joe Lockard, Mike Mosher
Cyberspace is both the topic of this issue and its mode of production.
18: Cyberspace Beyond Humachines
Avi Rosen
At this point technology has brought us beyond the ideological limitations of Andy Warhol, who wished to reconstitute humans as machines, becoming one unified entity and operating perpetually, as well as beyond Futurism's worship of industrialization and the aesthetics of mechanization.
18: Cyberspace The Flames of Hell: Death and War in Cyberspace
David Hawkes
Today, it seems that the rhetoric of the mass media is once again becoming vitriolic and abusive.
18: Cyberspace Manifesto for Bad Subjects in Cyberspace
Bad Subjects Production Team
While communities in cyberspace might have radical potential, it is important to keep in mind that such potential is not inherent to the medium itself. Cyberspace is not itself a community; many types of communities exist on computer networks, most of which are nothing more than an extension of the kinds of routine interactions we expect to encounter in capitalism.
18: Cyberspace Net Escape
Steven Rubio
Is there liberatory potential in the on-line world at the close of the twentieth century? How does such potential, assuming it exists, differ from liberations offered in other venues?
18: Cyberspace New Highway, Same Hershey Bar
Joel Schalit
How new modes of production, such as the computer industry, generate new populist ideologies of distributing symbolic capital to find out where repressed discourses about democracy really lie, and why we find momentary glimpses of freedom in our own consumption.
18: Cyberspace Selling Brooklyn Bridges in Cyberspace
Joe Lockard
Vast swaths of the world remain entirely unserved by Internet, neither to local elites nor to the larger population.
18: Cyberspace Spamming and Usenet Culture
Ed Korthof
Spams threaten both the base and the superstructure of Usenet.
18: Cyberspace Surplus Identity On-Line
Annalee Newitz
Ultimately -- and, perhaps, sadly -- the freedom to be someone else on-line is an illusory freedom. We do not escape real life on-line, anymore than we escape the realm of necessity by working 40 or more hours a week.
18: Cyberspace The Information Superhighway, or The Politics of a Metaphor
Zoe Druick
To understand the ideological battle going on in the term 'information highway' we need only press on it for a moment.
18: Cyberspace Towards Community Art Machines
Mike Mosher
Cyberspace is both hardware and software, machines and their networks plus digitized content that rides or will ride upon them.
18: Cyberspace Voices from the Collective
Cynthia Hoffman
When anything even remotely feminist gets posted, someone suggests that this is 'gender' war, or someone suggests that consensus, generally understood to be a feminist critical stance, leads to the lowest common denominator, or is boring, and only good old fashioned dialectic can get us anywhere.

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