21: Faith and Propaganda

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September 1995: Why talk about faith? Why propaganda? And why together?
21: Faith and Propaganda Introduction: Bad Subjects, Bad Faith
Annalee Newitz, Matt Wray
Why talk about faith? Why propaganda? And why together? What possible connections do these notions evoke? At Bad Subjects, we feel the time has come for those on the Left to take another look at these two ideas and practices, one an ancient form of belief, the other a modern 20th century invention.
21: Faith and Propaganda Bad Tourist Gets Well: Fancy Fish Food or Miracle Cure?
Ron Alcalay
Those first moments in the water convinced me that this would be no ordinary treatment.
21: Faith and Propaganda Burning Man and the Rituals of Capitalism
Matt Wray
In the Festival of the Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, 2,500 hardy souls trekked out into the middle of the largest flat expanse of land in North America to experiment with community.
21: Faith and Propaganda 'Viral Chic': Propaganda of Health Care in the United States
Jillian Sandell
It is not only the "real-life" epidemics of Ebola in Zaire earlier this year, or of Hanta in the United States in 1993, that have raised awareness about the threat of deadly viruses. Indeed, as anyone with even a passing familiarity with popular culture cannot fail to have noticed, the United States is currently experiencing what one journalist calls an "epidemic of viral entertainment."
21: Faith and Propaganda Taking Drugs, or Shopping at the Black Market
Annalee Newitz
There are two basic kinds of stories you hear about drugs: how it feels to take various drugs, and getting busted.
21: Faith and Propaganda Belief and the Left
Charlie Bertsch
If we leftists are asked what we believe in, what do we say?
21: Faith and Propaganda The Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of The Lord
Joel Schalit
A vigorous Christian right alleges that it has entered politics to emancipate itself from discrimination by the welfare state and its intolerant ideology of secularism.
21: Faith and Propaganda A Saint Without God
Steven Rubio
Chain letters are interesting, if scummy, examples of what might happen to us if we let faith overrule other sides of our character.
21: Faith and Propaganda Love and Denial: The Bridges of Madison County and Other Romances With Ideology
Ed Korthof
Diane Ackerman is heavily invested in understanding love as something separate from the material and social reality in which it occurs. But...
21: Faith and Propaganda Voices from the Collective: Rape
This thread began with a series of exchanges on the Bad Subjects email list about gender roles and how they create social expectations about human behavior, especially sexual behavior. These two emails were written in response to the suggestion that rape is a sexual act as well as a violent one, and that traditional gender roles help to create siutations which foster sexual violence.

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