22: The Politics of Politics

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October 1995: Connecting the politics of culture with the politics of politics.
22: The Politics of Politics Introduction: The Many Names of Politics
Jonathan Sterne
This issue takes its title from Australian culture critic Meaghan Morris, who has suggested that we need a way of connecting 'the politics of culture with the politics of politics.'
22: The Politics of Politics Farewell to the Working Class?
Anthony Arnove
Argue that the Left should still privilege the working class as the most viable agent for revolutionary social change.
22: The Politics of Politics Perpetrate My Fist! Women's Self-Defense as Physical Education for Everyday Life
Carrie Rentschler
Self-defense education helps women demystify myths about sexual violence and to act against violence.
22: The Politics of Politics Can the New Party Save the American Left?
Steve Macek
Ever since the Democrats got trounced in last November's elections, commentators in the mainstream media have been busy proclaiming the demise of the American Left.
22: The Politics of Politics A Brief Introduction to the International Socialist Organization
Anthony Arnove
The ISO is an international group of socialists who believe in the principles of 'socialism from below.'
22: The Politics of Politics Living the Political
Jillian Sandell
How do we know when we are being 'political'? Over the last decade, for example, I have been involved in a number of political organizations, yet I rarely consider myself (or, I suspect, am considered by others) an overtly 'political' person.
22: The Politics of Politics The New Politics of History
Joel Schalit
The importance that the religious right attaches to its vision of history is more than philosophical. It represents a deepened understanding of the importance of theological doctrine for its revolutionary strategy. In this respect we should be careful to reconsider the Christian Coalition's recent efforts to take over the Republican party...
22: The Politics of Politics Reflections on the NGO Forum or What I Didn't Learn From the New York Times
Radhika Mongia
The large media machinery in the US (as elsewhere) does not find the activities of most non-governmental organizations) to be particularly interesting and thus we rarely hear what they are doing and what they have to say.
22: The Politics of Politics Voices From the Collective: Philly Cops
In addition to being a discussion list, Bad Subjects has on many occasions been a site for disseminating information. List members often educate one another about important political issues that aren't widely discussed elsewhere. I found this thread particularly compelling given the endless discussions of the OJ verdict.

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