23: Packaging Events

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December 1995: Experiences are only meaningful in relation to a media event.
23: Packaging Events Introduction: Unpacking Events
We live in a world where experiences are only considered meaningful if they can be constructed in relation to a media event.
23: Packaging Events Holy Homosexuality Batman!: Camp and Corporate Capitalism In Batman Forever
Freya Johnson
Queer signification so saturates Batman Forever that it would be inaccurate to call it a subtext.
23: Packaging Events The Jung and the Religious
Joel Schalit
Abraham only needed to prove his faith to God by demonstrating that he was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham never had to take his son's life, or his own.
23: Packaging Events Myth of the Million Man March
Annalee Newitz
If you're looking for a symbol of male victimization, look no farther than the black man in the US.
23: Packaging Events Radio Shock
Patrick Burkart
Hegemonic talk radio programming carries with it the mechanism of its own self-destruction: its potential for deprogramming an otherwise fully programmed aspect of popular entertainment.
23: Packaging Events My Trip To Jail
Jeremiah Luna
This essay is not so much concerned with him per se, but rather with my experience of being processed in our community's new expensive prison and how it, along with other technologies of control, produces a normalized and slavish self through an erasure of personal identity.
23: Packaging Events 'Risk of Change': Anarchy and Growing Older with the Oregon Country Fair
Cynthia Hoffman
I to this day refuse to believe that growing older necessarily means selling out, followed by increasingly conservative values.

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