25: In Flux

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In Flux, March 1996
25: In Flux Introduction: Bad Subjects In Flux
Ron Alcalay, Charlie Bertsch, Ed Korthof
Flux encompasses all processes, from seemingly finite ones like dying to endlessly shifting ones like updating library collections.
25: In Flux Learning From the Children Of the '80s -- the 1880s
Richard Singer
As soon as I began to read about events that happened outside of my lifetime, I learned about an era of essential revolution that put the 1960s to shame.
25: In Flux Frontiers and Pioneers
Megan Shaw
It is no small wonder that the public response to returnees from Vietnam led to shame and silence on the part of the veterans.
25: In Flux Delicious Doughnuts In Berlin: The Dilemma Of Political Community In the Age Of Global Capitalism
John Brady
New cosmopolitanism and Islam are not so much two opposing answers to the dilemma of political community posed by capitalist globalization but reflections of capitalism's contradictory character.
25: In Flux The Example Of Jerry Brown
Rosemary Lemmis
The search for national renewal through spiritual solutions has its historical precedent.
25: In Flux Theory Goes To the Movies
Jonathan Sterne
I've started noticing a new generation of newspaper film critics whose writing manifests the various trappings of "theory."
25: In Flux Acting Like a Professor
David Hawkes
Writing an academic book requires that you take a certain tone with your material, and that you adopt a particular attitude towards your readers.
25: In Flux On Consideration Of the End Of the World: Life Without Jerry Garcia
On the day Jerry Garcia died, my life became a smaller and a bigger place simultaneously.
25: In Flux Libraries
Ann Theis
Libraries offer free access to information. On the other hand, libraries are under considerable pressure.
25: In Flux Fifty Years
Flossie Lewis
Teaching a new class of Freshman always presents me with problems. Nothing is forever-no course of study, no trick, no charm.
25: In Flux Deep Blues: Computerization and the Future of the Workplace
Charlie Bertsch
If Deep Blue teaches us anything, it's that a society in which human beings will no longer be able to work like machines will have a hard time creating jobs.
25: In Flux In Memoriam: Jim Breslin and Bill Nestrick
In Memoriam: Jim Breslin and Bill Nestrick
25: In Flux He Came To Our Parties
Steven Rubio
The Berkeley English department still enjoys a special, if at times prickly, place in the hearts and minds of many of us on the Bad Production Team.
25: In Flux Mourning In Academia
Ron Alcalay
Death -- especially the death of a writer, artist, or academic -- promises an intimacy we never knew in life, a chance for others to leaf through our file cabinets and journals.
25: In Flux Apocalyptic Collage(s)
Mike Mosher
The "Apocalypse" collages [interspersed throughout the issue] were created in 1994 originally intended for the issue of Bad Subjects with that theme.

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