27: Teaching and Education

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Teaching and Education, September 1996
27: Teaching and Education Teach Yourself
Ed Korthof, Annalee Newitz
Several of the articles in this issue explore what place art has in our lives and in our political movements, how art is taught and how it teaches.
27: Teaching and Education Public Education Policy
Megan Shaw
California currently has no statewide testing program for primary- and secondary-school students, a fact that is a result of a bitter battle that was fought in 1994.
27: Teaching and Education Pedagogy Of the Depressed
Charlie Bertsch
People express their suspicion of universities in the form of a distinction between universities and what they call the 'real world'. Like so many other academics, I find such conversations intensely frustrating.
27: Teaching and Education Observing Americans, EFL Students Share Insights
From de Tocqueville to Codrescu, America often welcomes the observer who traverses too familiar landscapes, daring to make sense of what sometimes escapes us in this mad rush of American life.
27: Teaching and Education Eye Candy Like a Raised Fist
Mike Mosher
A manifesto that reacts to the prejudices against art and the poor sense of visual style that plague too many word-loving leftists.
27: Teaching and Education Heritage Of the Hidden-Hippies
Jeremy Russell
What are my parents? If I claim that they are or were hippies, then what does it mean to be a hippie?
27: Teaching and Education Jane Austen: The Movie, Or Why We Watch Great Books
Annalee Newitz
Admitting that money might determine our emotional lives, and that education might be a matter of class, would make Jane Austen's stories just a little too present-day for comfort.
27: Teaching and Education Just Say No To Rock and Roll
Joel Schalit
What disturbed me most about the Nirvana phenomenon was the impact that the group's success had on people's lives.

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