29: Environments

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Environments, November 1996
29: Environments The Great Indoors
Cynthia Hoffman, Joel Schalit, Matt Wray
We all subjectively define the particular environments in which we work, we play and live out our lives.
29: Environments Voices from the Collective: New Political Parties?
The discussion from which these posts are selected followed in the wake of the 1996 US elections.
29: Environments Notes from Cyburbia: Observations from a Suburban Office Park
I wanted to buy a food processor as a birthday gift for a friend recently. To buy one, I had to venture out to the vast territory of suburban shopping plazas.
29: Environments Asthma is an Environmental Disease
I am having an asthma attack and I am thinking through my breathing.
29: Environments Ranger Rick: Reformer or Revolutionary?
Charlie Bertsch
Ranger Rick, the children's magazine with a raccoon for its mascot, was supposed to get me interested in nature. But it ended up getting me interested in politics.
29: Environments Leaping Into Wilderness: The Landscapes of the Men's Movement
Matthias Regan
My first contact with the men's movement was its appearance as the cover story of Newsweek, June 24, 1991.
29: Environments STRIKE! Should Graduate Student Employees Have Collective Bargaining Rights?
Lily Khadjavi
Who are graduate student employees? We teach, tutor, do research, and grade exams in order to support ourselves while earning our degrees.
29: Environments STRIKE! Remembering 1992
Annalee Newitz
After 1992, the university could never be a magical place of learning for me, if it ever really was. UC Berkeley is a profit-driven institution, just like Microsoft or Sony.
29: Environments STRIKE! The Labor Theory of Graduate School
There's no question that graduate school is hard work. Graduate students spend time in classes, reading up on their respective subjects, trying to put together an original program of research -- and often, they are employees of the universities where they study.
29: Environments From Bad to Worse - After Proposition 209: Confronting Electoral Xenophobia
The political climate that has given rise to Proposition 209, the newly-enacted anti-affirmative action amendment to California's state constitution, extends far beyond this state's boundaries.

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