31: Alien Languages

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Alien Languages, March 1997
31: Alien Languages Introduction: Finding a Voice
Although our publication was originally the product of a university environment, we have tried to be something more than another academic journal.
31: Alien Languages Bad Shorts
Short essays on Star Wars-related topics.
31: Alien Languages In Defense of Jargon
Peter Ives
While sentiments about the need to speak clearly and to say what you mean can hardly be rejected, I insist that we go further in our analysis of language use. We must be wary of what is at stake in the crusade against jargoneering.
31: Alien Languages Between Europe and the USA: The Rise and Decline of the Journal Telos
Renate Holub
The main ideological line emerging from Telos over the past few years has systematically suggested that the journal's initial European/American symbiosis of critical theory, supported by Western Marxism, has now evolved into a new symbiosis, called "new populism."
31: Alien Languages The Race to be Mobile: A Classy Affair
Kevin Carollo
Something (choose your something) that does not quite fit into a category can rupture or subvert that category's effectiveness.
31: Alien Languages Anglophone Ideology and English-Only Politics
USA Today journalists do not speak English at all. They speak the American language, the tongue of clear facts cleanly delivered in truncated synopsis, the unambiguous dialect of Babbitt's Main Street.
31: Alien Languages Learning Myself
Sarah bat Avraham
I still have pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, but the apolitical, British working-class, white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant has matured into a politically aware, Jewish, lesbian, feminist. The changes accumulated slowly but steadily.
31: Alien Languages Independence Day and the Renationalization of America
Scott Thill
Despite the rantings of right-wing talk show hosts, most Republicans are unable to differentiate their own policies from those of the Clinton administration.

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