32: Work

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Work, April 1997
32: Work Introduction: Work or Die
Annalee Newitz, Kim Nicolini, Steven Rubio
Although we spend most of our time working, there is a strong taboo against open discussions of problems we have at work.
32: Work Bad Shorts: Heaven's Gate
Charlie Bertsch, Joel Schalit
Short articles by regular Bad Subjects authors.
32: Work Reporting Rape vs. a Woman's Right to Speak: I Won't Get Fooled Again
Cynthia Hoffman
First I was raped by a man; then I was raped by the system; some people get raped by the press; but I continue to be raped by a social structure that insists that my rape is their property. My rape is my property and I'm taking it back.
32: Work The Personal is Capital: Autobiographical Work and Self-Promotion
Freya Johnson, Annalee Newitz
Sharing territory with the rags-to-riches ideal, the U.S. victim story is usually told from the perspective of an oppressed person who makes good.
32: Work In Defense of Fucking Off
Steven Rubio
Who knows how many potential Jeffersons and Thoreaus are hiding out there, buried in their work? How many Debords, how many Ehrenreichs, how many Lennons?
32: Work Work Without a Face
Kim Nicolini
How many times have you had a frustrating experience with a person on the phone who is there to "serve you"? I find myself dealing with this kind of situation numerous times each month, not for my work but for my "needs."
32: Work Escape From the Flatlands
Meaningful work has been difficult for me to achieve. I've had to untangle my own mind from yards of useless myth and bias, and then move towards those things which I can find some hope in.
32: Work Caretaking the Echo Pond: The Practice of Art in the Fin-de-Siecle Academy
Mark Van Proyen
Who will be left to sing the Internationale as the New Globalism concludes its current process of post-ideological economic consolidation?
32: Work Working Cyberspace
Tim Jackson
If we envision cyberspace as a site of more democratic forms of communication and resistance, we begin to imagine its transformative potential.
32: Work Visa, Not Welfare
Doug Henwood
In America, instead of unions and a civilized welfare state, we have VISA cards and home equity loans.
32: Work What People Do
Interviews with the workers who make Bad Subjects possible.

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