33: Race

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Race, September 1997
33: Race Introduction: Racial Subjects
Joe Lockard, Jonathan Sterne, Matt Wray
The 'Race' issue is an attempt to engage with questions about 'race' or ethnicity, to which there are no straightforward answers.
33: Race SPACE | R A C E
Colette Gaiter
I made "SPACE|R A C E" to challenge the idea that any point of view about the space program or race relations is definitive, neat, clean, or unchangeable.
33: Race Invisible Race Wars
Joe Lockard
In Wheeler Hall, the seat of Berkeley's English department, the public bathroom walls filled all summer long with racial insults, and there is no separating this phenomenon from larger campus trends.
33: Race Dueling Narratives: Some Thoughts on Menace II Society and Boyz 'N the Hood
Greg Dimitriadis
Like any social construction-- including capital itself--race is experienced in particular and real ways for all and must be faced as such.
33: Race Newt's Nazis
Freya Johnson
When I saw it on a remaindered book table this summer, I couldn't resist shelling out $1.50 for Newt Gingrich's briefly talked-about alternative history novel, "1945".
33: Race "Colorless All-Color": Notes on White Culture
Adam Cornford
Is there such a thing as "white culture?" First answer: depends on what you mean by culture.
33: Race Conference Report: The Making and Unmaking of Whiteness
Irene J. Nexica, Birgit Rasmussen, Matt Wray, Kellie Stoddart, Pamela Perry, Eric Klinenberg, Jillian Sandell
A multiracial conference, held at Berkeley, investigated "whiteness" as racial identity and explored how it relates to the divisions that plague American social life.
33: Race Shoah's What Jew Got
Joel Schalit
The critique of antisemitism has been emptied of its utopian content.
33: Race Sexual Mutants of the Multiculture
Annalee Newitz
I have come to be an ethnic hybrid: half-WASP, half-Jew, the product of two supposedly segregated identities.
33: Race On the Merits of Racial Identity
Tomás Sandoval
I've learned that I can't separate my politics from my race or from my profession. The personal is truly political. But so is my profession as a scholar and teacher.
33: Race The Sticky Film of Race
Kevin Carollo
American media thrive on the race of Other, and 1997 has proven to be another disappointing year for mainstream filmings of race.
33: Race Artists (White) Inadvertantly Gentrifying the Ghetto
Mike Mosher
Gentrify: A graphic about urban communities and gentrification.

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