34: Form and Content

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Form and Content, October 1997
34: Form and Content Introduction: Read This First!
Charlie Bertsch, Jeremy Russell
For this issue, we tried hard to pull in pieces that would be different from the standard Bad Subjects fare.
34: Form and Content Visionary Paranoia
Christian Divine
The American "conspiracy film" is a relatively recent sub-genre.
34: Form and Content Two Fathers
Megan Shaw
Insofar as their distinct philosophies of war were responses to a common cultural heritage, my father and stepfather are two of the same: men navigating life options among the many drains of meaningful options placed on their history.
34: Form and Content Inside the Idea Factory
Katie Simon
Language, even academic language, has a texture; it can swing, it can move, it can be felt and heard and sung. We need to admit the presence of language itself, to allow it to occupy a palpable place in our work.
34: Form and Content Beats and Bodies, Posing and Performance
John Brady
We bargain. We cut deals. We go door to door and pound the pavement in an effort to raise moral and financial support for our public campaigns. We lie, steal and cheat in furthering our causes.
34: Form and Content Offensive Art (Marilyn Manson and John Waters)
Jeremy Russell
Marilyn Manson's music is centrally concerned with evil, supposedly his own, but it actually questions the definitions of evil, because it is joyous and the performance is spectacular and Manson is not destroying so much as he is creating.
34: Form and Content The Bottom of Sonoma
Lauren O'Connor
Sonoma will be the same for eternity. You can leave here for decades, come back and find it just the same.
34: Form and Content Bad Tourist: Traveling With Trust
Ron Alcalay
If we must safari, better to leave our guns at home, as monks and good soldiers do.

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