35: Sport and Play

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Sport and Play, November 1997
35: Sport and Play Introduction: Fever Pitch
Steven Rubio, Jillian Sandell
The right to have leisure time which is separate from labor time is deeply ingrained in the ideology of the "work ethic."
35: Sport and Play Throws Like the Girl She Is
Chris Rubio
I am thankful that I am one of the first generations to benefit from a society in which women's sports are more the rule than the exception.
35: Sport and Play BC Hydroponic
Clint Burnham
How Courtenay's class stratification works along age lines, as seen in the increasing clout of "seniors" as a class as the last benefit of the post-war boom.
35: Sport and Play The Importance of Being Tiger Woods
Scott Thill
No longer embarrassed to proclaim themselves as separate from or potentially approaching the talents of Tiger Woods, consumers can now, with Nike's permission, become the golden child himself.
35: Sport and Play Maradona: San Diego
David Hawkes
On Diego Armando Maradona's thirty-seventh birthday, he received news that his father had died. Then he received news that this news was not true. Shaken by the experience, and doubtless reading into it various arcane and mystical significances, Maradona immediately announced his retirement.
35: Sport and Play Action Figures Have Sex on our Computers: The Real Value of Toys
Jo Rittenhouse, Elisabeth Hurst
Star Trek figures, however, are everywhere because that's where it all began for me: a Troi figure and a Dr. Crusher figure doing the nasty on top of my computer, along with an animated Catwoman and a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman getting intimate on a windowsill nearby.
35: Sport and Play Virtual Idols and Digital Girls
Robert Hamilton
From anime girls to Kyoko Date, virtual idols fulfill a "need" for many young males. A site for affection is provided that is completely risk free.
35: Sport and Play From Maracana to Coliseum
Lil Bartholo
Life took me all over the world. To Europe and back to Brazil and back to the United States. But I never lost track of what was going on in baseball.
35: Sport and Play The Gulf War TV Super Bowl
Jim Castonguay
CNN has created a "Showdown with Iraq" logo for its coverage -- reminiscent of the title "Showdown in the Gulf" used by CBS for Desert Storm updates seven years earlier -- suggesting that this casting of the current conflict with Iraq as a Hollywood western is quite familiar.
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35: Sport and Play E-Ticket Masterpieces
Mark Van Proyen
Because of the hubris born of convenient misconception, I came close to blowing a great opportunity on a recent trip to Europe.
35: Sport and Play You'll Never Walk Alone
Steven Rubio
I was alone at the ballpark with 60,000 other Giants fans.

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