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Media, March 1998
37: Media Introduction: Media Subjects
Annalee Newitz, Geoff Sauer
Every year, we put together two issues without any preordained theme, soliciting articles on random topics and inviting our authors to explore ideas that don't fit neatly into one of our special topic issues.
37: Media Bad Shorts: Chow Yun-Fat in America
Steven Rubio, Jillian Sandell, Megan Shaw
Bad Shorts on Chow Yun-Fat
37: Media Computer Virus Hoaxes: Urban Legends for the Digital Age
John Ives
The online community has created its own set of myths, often telling of unknown persons and unusual events.
37: Media Modes of Production: Free Software and the Internet
Ed Korthof
When I first started to explore the Internet, the thing which most impressed me was free, open-source software.
37: Media A Prisoner of Hope in Cyberspace
Tim Jackson
The ontological nature of new media technology is in process and will remain so for generations.
37: Media Culture Jamming with Pedro Carvajal
Lisa Prothers
Why culture jamming hasn't become that popular, why nobody has written about it: trying to bring all of these things together and then focus on each one at a time.
37: Media A World of Burnt Corpses: An Interview with Rudy Ratzinger of :Wumpscut:
Christopher Sharrett
Rudy Ratzinger, aka :Wumpscut:, may represent the summary statement on contemporary German/European "dark wave" music.
37: Media The Profits of Rage: Alternative Cultural Ideologies and Labor Exploitation
Joel Schalit
The alternative culture industry is deceived by its own hype because it believes that it is the last vehicle for revolution in a post-political society.
37: Media Ingrate
Jeremy Russell
Ingrate -- how do you recover from a night of drinking and drug abuse -- a cartoon
37: Media Private Lessons: Implications of the California Education Technology Initiative
Charlie Bertsch
A plan to replace CSU's aging communications infrastructure metamorphosed from a relatively unsexy policy matter into a sign of the times.
37: Media That's Just Not Funny Anymore, Karl: Town Hall Meetings, History and Critique
John Brady
American voters are fed up. They feel that politicians do not respond to their needs.
37: Media What Do You Do For a Living? Me? I Type Really Fast
Cynthia Hoffman
I may never understand why typing fast has more value in the world than teaching people to read and write.
37: Media Left Conservatism: A Conference Report
Who invented this strange and wondrous new term, 'Left Conservatism'? And why have they done so?

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