41: Fetish

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Fetish, December 1998
41: Fetish Bad Subjects Considers Its Objects
Joel Schalit, Matt Wray
In this issue, we've whipped up a variety of articles about sexual fetishism, the kind which we fin-de-siecle, disenchanted hipster-cum-alienated intellectual types are all too well known for.
41: Fetish A Pie in the Fetish
Soupy Sennett
My fetish is wedded to the media: I like to watch women get pied in movies and TV shows.
41: Fetish Retouching the Schoolkids
John Smith
Anne Geddes' cutesy and otherwise nondescript little baby pictures are particularly curious because Geddes actively, scrupulously composes the images to exclude the genitalia of her subjects.
41: Fetish Teledildonic Temptations: The Rise and Fall of Computer Sex
Mike Mosher
Sex talk continues to have political import. Sometimes we may have to talk dirty online to speak truth to power.
41: Fetish Suicidal Idols
Jeremy Russell
Suicidal idols become, for their fetishists, the chillingly important source of many waking thoughts.
41: Fetish Sample My Privates: The Politics of New Media and Copyright Law
Joel Schalit, Jonathan Sterne
The November 1998 issue of Electronic Musician carries an article on digital sampling entitled "Art or Theft?" It rehearses for its readers the standard controversies on sampling.
41: Fetish "Certain Sounds Turn Me On": John Brady Interviews G.X. Jupitter-Larsen of The Haters
John Brady
In front of an audience, the Haters have been known to destroy everything from a school bus to stacks of vinyl records.
41: Fetish Fetishsizing the Communication Gap: The AT&T "Vietnam" Commercial
Megan Shaw, Robert Shaw
At first this looks like just another expensive American commercial filmed in an exotic location in order to grab the viewer's attention. But.
41: Fetish Fetishizing the Fetish
Matt Wray
When I was about 8 years old, I read with excitement an advertisement for a pair of x-ray glasses in the back of Boy's Life magazine. You know the ad I'm talking about.
41: Fetish Ingrate
Jeremy Russell
Ingrate -- TGIF -- a cartoon

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