43: Food and Drug

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March 1999
43: Food and Drug Food and Drugs for Thought
Charlie Bertsch and Brock Craft
By calling this issue "Food and Drug," we seek to provoke thinking about this dimension to the consumption of food.
43: Food and Drug Mindful Mindless Bodies
Katie Simon
My biggest challenge is to get students to see how they comply with their own subjection, how they instinctively look for pre-approved, instructor-authorized ideas.
43: Food and Drug Linguica and Me
Steven Rubio
I want to resist the very possibility that there is real comfort in my past, and so I adopt linguica as My Meat.
43: Food and Drug Against Photography -- Kicking the Imaging Narcotic
Mike Mosher
I question knee-jerk assumptions of the primacy of photography as the first choice, or the most politically progressive way, of depicting the world. I especially don't like to see unexamined assumptions from the Spectacle carry over into the arena of cyberspace.
43: Food and Drug Ingrate
Jeremy Russell
Ingrate -- Things at work you can steal -- a cartoon.
43: Food and Drug Red Sauce
Charlie Bertsch
It's not fusion cuisine itself that inspires me, but the inventiveness that inspires people to make new and unexpected combinations out of familiar ingredients, be they foods, images, or words.
43: Food and Drug Fissure Price? Do Not Detach, or On Living the Double Life of Academic and Freedman
Jill Stauffer
What is at stake in the pull of opposite directions is the work of thinking and what we will allow within its sphere.
43: Food and Drug Are You Afraid to Think? New York Review of Books' Direct Mail Marketing Provocation
Scott Thill
A recent subscription plea from the New York Review of Books is the direct marketing monster that broke this individual's back, in addition to being the most glaring example of the latest advertising hook: the intellect.
43: Food and Drug Eternal Return of the Jedi: The Phantom Menace Approaches
Megan Shaw
If, as Nietzsche suggests, eternal recurrence is all that we can expect from a god, then Star Wars is not just a science fiction film trilogy projected on a screen, but an illumination from the divine.

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