44: Writing

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Writing, June 1999
44: Writing Introduction: Bad Writing
Jeremy Russell, Joe Lockard
Questions have arisen and remained current in the context of a prolonged social debate over the academy's use and abuse of language.
44: Writing Composition, Capitalism and the New Technology
David Hawkes
McDonald's has come to be interpreted by much of the world as a literal embodiment, a personification, of the USA.
44: Writing Autobiography in Music Criticism
Charlie Bertsch
There is a sense in which music critics cannot help but speak their past when they pass judgment on music, for their judgment is itself a product of that past.
44: Writing My Education As a Writer
L.A. Schildt
The power of writing is that its clear and effective expression compacts, assimilates and amalgamates the things that you need to communicate.
44: Writing Repetitive Stress
Jeremy Russell
I worked in a video store while I attended junior college several years ago.
44: Writing May Day in Bielsko
Ewa Pagacz
Rain began falling on the red petals of my crepe poppy, making it collapse. Soon the flower looked like a piece of red rug attached to a green stick.
44: Writing Business as Usual: Being the Perennial Tale of Seduction and Duplicity in American Politics as Dramatized in You've Got Mail
James Casas Klausen
The parallels between director Nora Ephron's You've Got Mail and Clinton's impeachment taught me a great deal about the powers of seduction.
44: Writing Monica Dreyfus
Tom/Paul, Joe Lockard
A specter has haunted more than one continent this past year, the specter of Monica Lewinsky.
44: Writing Write Me Disconnectedly: Assembling Hypertexts
Mike Mosher
In his vision of a grand, intended masterwork yet undone, Ted Nelson is reminiscent of Walter Benjamin.
44: Writing Bad Subjects Statement: Ethnic Studies and Social Justice
The development of Ethnic Studies has made and continues to make a massive contribution to understanding American communities and the always-incomplete work of multiethnic social justice.
44: Writing Ingrate
Jeremy Russell
Ingrate -- ingrate parenting -- a cartoon

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