46: No Alternative

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No Alternative, December 1999
46: No Alternative Alternative Schmalternative
Annalee Newitz, Joel Schalit
Instead of politicized culture, we have "alternative culture," a leisure pursuit designed for educated liberals and disgruntled radicals like ourselves in search of morally self-conscious aesthetic pleasures.
46: No Alternative I'd Rather Be a Whore Than an Academic
It's up to each individual whore to decide whether she or he wants to make themselves visible and how they want to do so. But you can bet that some will find each other and talk about it.
46: No Alternative Zines Are Dead
John Marr
The web has made a reality out of the fantasies of certain dewy-eyed zine theoreticians. 95% of all zines were/are crap. On the web, this percentage is at least 99%.
46: No Alternative Ecstasy!
Joe McNeilly
Fox's simplistic assertions about drugs don't seem supported by research.
46: No Alternative Soul Type Cast
Aaron Shuman
A response to Sideways Soul: In a Dancehall Style, a collaboration between Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Calvin Johnson's Dub Narcotic Sound System put out by K Records.
46: No Alternative The Poverty of Alt.Country
Hugh Bartling
Describes a nation-wide movement to resurrect the spirit and sound of one of the United States' most revered and maligned musical genres: country.
46: No Alternative In Search of Ronnie Biggs
David Hawkes
For all his cynicism and avarice, Malcolm MacLaren understood what he was doing far better than John Lydon; for him the Sex Pistols were not music, they were anti-music.
46: No Alternative A Conversation with Tom Frank of The Baffler
Charlie Bertsch
For the largely over-educated and under-paid individuals who still resist the idea that mainstream media conglomerates know what's best for us, The Baffler is a beacon in the nation's cultural darkness.
46: No Alternative Confessions of a Cultural Industrialist
Everett True
My love for the Beatles' harmonies hadn't been diminished by all the years that I'd spent hearing them unable to cope with the emotion and glorious melodies of their songs.
46: No Alternative Abandoning Purity
Mark Robinson
The only time mainstream culture acknowledges poets is when the Laureate dies and must be replaced, or when they're doing something other than writing poetry.
46: No Alternative No Alternative to Transcendence
Joel Schalit
One of the most revealing moments in the history of punk culture transpired in April of 1994. Nirvana's lead singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide.
46: No Alternative Underground America 1999
Annalee Newitz
When we deal with underground film, the temptation is to think in binary terms. But...

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