47: Kids

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Kids, January 2000
47: Kids The Young ... and the (Restless) Grown-ups
Julia Bryan-Wilson, Steven Rubio, Megan Shaw
Conversations among grown-ups about kids tend to move in one of two directions. Either kids are held up as paragons of innocence, or they are damned as representative of everything wrong with society today.
47: Kids Youth Liberation of Ann Arbor: Young, Gifted and Media-Savvy
Mike Mosher
Ann Arbor, Michigan, was a center of youth politics in the early 1970s.
47: Kids The Kids Are Alright
Steven Rubio
I miss having my kids around. They are great people. I like to be reminded of what life is like for a young person.
47: Kids Ingrate
Jeremy Russell
Ingrate -- This is your kid. This is your kid on drugs. -- a cartoon
47: Kids Teens and Drugs: Just Shut Up
Mike Males
Alcohol segregation bans young people from participating in much of the life of their communities. Marijuana segregation would add to this isolation at a very time when stresses between generations are widening.
47: Kids Exploring the Cultural Topography of Childhood: Television Performing the "Child" to Children
Stephani Woodson
I have found peace with my television viewing habit, big bottoms and German historians both be damned. Television obviously hasn't hurt me that much.
47: Kids How to Read a Housing Crisis: Bay Area Snapshots
Aaron Shuman
A city has a housing crisis when the middle class cannot afford to live there. At least this is the story to be gleaned from Bay Area newspapers.
47: Kids Music for Babies, or, How I'm Reconciling Fatherhood with My Record Collection
Charlie Bertsch
Listening to Mozart may not make you smarter after all.

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