50: Fear

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June 2000: What are you afraid of? This simple question is the germ of Bad Subjects' fiftieth issue.
50: Fear Introduction: Fear
Frederick Aldama, Jeremy Russell, Aaron Shuman
What are you afraid of? This simple question is the germ of Bad Subjects' fiftieth issue.
50: Fear The Abyss and You: A Brief Anatomy of Fear
Nora Connor
It's not so easy to recover the source and temper of the feeling of fear itself. This makes sense in the realm of the most banal of fears.
50: Fear For the Love of Money
Robert Soza
What about Africa? The Middle East? Latin America? Or the "developing" nations of Asia? How will these peripheral regions fare in the emerging era of trade blocks?
50: Fear Ingrate
Jeremy Russell
Ingrate -- A Bad Subject is born -- a cartoon.
50: Fear Cross-Dressing in Bulgaria: Gay-Identity, Post-Communist Fear, and Magical Love
Robin S. Brooks
I expected no surprises from Spartakus, Sofia, Bulgaria's oldest Private Mix Club. But...
50: Fear Fear and Loathing on Sixth Street: Does Austin's High-Tech Future Mean Music Is a Thing of the Past?
Lindsay Eck
Though gentrification and the damage it can wreak on arts districts have been widely detailed for other cities, the way in which Austin, Texas faces a tradeoff between prosperity and creativity has special aspects that are worth examining in detail.
50: Fear Bungee Jumping and Our Schizophrenic Society
Sheen Brenkuss
It is my sincere belief that people who bungee jump are completely out of their minds.
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50: Fear Fear of God
Chris Orlet
My friends were going to Hell. For it is written: He who curses, looks at photographs of naked women, or plays hooky from Sunday mass shall burn in eternal hellfire.
50: Fear Do You Fear Fear? Docile Bodies and Fear of the Other
Arturo J. Aldama
Fear is both the justification that drives the disciplinary apparatus of the nation-state and the intended effects on the body politic.
50: Fear Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid: The Pedagogy of Fear
Brent Malin
My Grandpa was a smart man, who no doubt would have been interested in arguments about the construction of manhood and its consequences. Still, I'm not sure that knowing this intellectually would have solved our dilemma.
50: Fear Poverty: A Triptych from Poor Magazine
Lisa Gray-Garcia, D'Shawn Williams, Cosmo Franklin, Dee Gray
These three essays on the fears of poverty are reprinted from Poor Magazine.
50: Fear Bad Subjects: The Contributors
Bad Subjects: The Contributors
50: Fear Diallo Verdict Demonstration NYC 2/26/00
Mike Mosher
Mike Mosher watched from an immobilized taxicab as the demonstration protesting the acquittal of the police who killed Amadou Diallo swirled down Fifth Avenue around him on one side, an army of police on the other.

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