51: Spirits

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Spirits, October 2000
51: Spirits Introduction: We've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You?
Megan Shaw Prelinger, Jonathan Sterne
From reading the daily news, you might think we're lacking in spirit. But...
51: Spirits Spectator Sports: What the Left Can Learn from Them
Micah Holmquist
Sports fulfills emotional needs for people that those advocating social change can not afford to dismiss and that any mass social movement will have to satisfy if it is to succeed.
51: Spirits Credit Cards and the Devil's Work
Aimee J. Placas
The Antichrist is already here, and he's issuing you your credit cards.
51: Spirits Technology and Liberation in a Messianic Age
Mat Callahan
The computer, the collapse of communism, and the millennial anniversary of the birth of Christ are all topics of much discussion in recent years.
51: Spirits Metastasizes Like Teen Spirit
Mike Mosher
We had just moved across country, and it was our first weekend in our new home, the old lumber and industrial town of Bay City, Michigan.
51: Spirits Alchemy: The Subjugated Science
Michelle Silva
Psychology is a therapy industry that tends to wrap itself in a mantle of hard science no matter how tangential the connection may be.
51: Spirits Moving Meditation, Materialism, and Mao: Evolving Mythologies of Internal Martial Arts
Lindsay Eck
The meaning of a work (in this case, a martial-arts form) may be relatively independent of its creator's intention (as shown, in this case, by the labels assigned to the movements) and may depend primarily on the myths or personal and societal schemata subscribed to by the practitioner, teacher, or audience.
51: Spirits How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Get Along with the Gray
Mark Harrison
The "gray", the term given by UFO watchers to the short alien being with the tapered figure and liquid, wrap-around eyes, has come to embody the myth of UFO encounter and abduction.
51: Spirits The Spirit of Irony
Charlie Bertsch
My real problem isn't with sincerity so much as the expression of sincerity.
51: Spirits 'The Defendant Is a Pure Heretic': Notes from an Infidel
Joe Lockard

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