53: Alienated Labor

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Alienated Labor, January 2001
53: Alienated Labor Introduction: Alienated Nation
Charlie Bertsch and Joe Lockard
Alienated Labor is an issue directed at a specific and classical Marxist concept -- alienation of labor -- in order to illuminate its relevance and uses within contemporary analysis.
53: Alienated Labor Welfare, Workfare, Alienation: Early Marx and Late Capitalism
Nora Connor
This essay examines the new work requirements and the expansion of the "workfare" program resulting from the 1996 legislation as cases of alienated labor.
53: Alienated Labor Alienated Labor and the Verizon Strike
Alexander Urbelis
One of the most recent public examples and revolts against the alienation of labor was the strike, orchestrated by members of the Communications Workers of America Union and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, against the Verizon Corporation.
53: Alienated Labor The 1984-1987 Battle Over Computer Classes at the Ford Rouge Factory: A Dossier
Editors of The Amateur Computerist
This is an historical account of the fight that developed over worker access to computer programming classes at a large auto company in Michigan in 1983-1987. This story contains valuable lessons about the problem US workers face in trying to obtain education in the workplace.
53: Alienated Labor The Idea of Border at Eagle Pass
Lindsey Eck
There is not a single border but a series of frontiers, not a line so much as an ill-defined tissue where Mexico and the United States mesh together.
53: Alienated Labor Homily for a Labor of Meaning
Tim Jackson
Given what humans have been prepared for physically and mentally, it is important to recognize what a unique time this is and how our labors are radically different in light of our individual and collective experiences throughout our histor(ies).
53: Alienated Labor Artist!
Mike Mosher
When you enjoy a stretch of supporting yourself in a position that makes the best use of your technical, political and even moral energies, it makes subsequent moments of its absence even more acute.
53: Alienated Labor Mortgaged for Life
Amy Halloran
I am terrified that signing a mortgage will make me sacrifice my time to pay for a shell to house my life.
53: Alienated Labor Down and Out in the Eighties
JC Myers
Only one memory remains vivid: The sudden joy I experienced, arriving at work one afternoon to find an ominous white smoke pouring from the great broiler and the manager's polyester ass emerging from its open top.
53: Alienated Labor Downwardly Immobile: Looking for Work in All the Wrong Places
Kim Nicolini
So now, as I try to reach a compromise between our financial needs and the needs of my daughter, I've decided the best option is downward mobility.

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