54: Strangers

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Strangers, March 2001
54: Strangers Introduction: What We Talk About When We Talk About Strangers
John Brady and Steven Rubio
An issue devoted to Strangers faces a perhaps unique problem in this regard: the more strange you feel, the more difficult it is to make the connections which can help lead us to a changed and better world.
54: Strangers Inaugurating the New Hegemony
John Brady
Within the logic of Bush's vision, Americans are offered a trade-off: an increased role in civil society in exchange for their continued subordination in the face of political and especially economic power.
54: Strangers 'Bush Drives Us Into Bakunin's Arms!': An Interview with Howard Zinn
Joe Lockard, Joel Schalit
On the day before George W. Bush was inaugurated as president, we asked Zinn about his observations concerning this juncture in American history.
54: Strangers Strangers and Bedfellows: When Feminists Marry Animal Lovers
Brian Duff
What happens when the advocates for these two groups that get shafted for deviating from normative understandings of gender and species identity decide to get together?
54: Strangers None Meaner Than Gina: Ms. Arnold Cozy with Capital
Mike Mosher
Not only do musicians and other artists have to contend with the forces of capital shoving them out of the once-hospitable city, but they have to contend with seeing their case belittled by turncoats like gentrification's sycophant, Gina Arnold.
54: Strangers Requiem for an Easy Rider
Jeremy Russell
Countercultural style is a form of political resistance.
54: Strangers The Heart of Whiteness: The Allure of Tourism in Vertical Limit and The Beach
Mahwash Shoaib
Abusing the hospitality of other nations, Americans test the limits of their own subjectivity at the expense of the others' selves.
54: Strangers Lesbian Invisibility and the Femme's Dilemma
Nick Lehner
I am automatically seen as a straight woman, because I look like a woman. The assumption that I am straight, moreover, carries with it other assumptions -- about my availability to men, my desires, my habits.
54: Strangers Prime Locations
Deborah Shaller
The last stranger I encountered was actually a neighbor, though a renter and therefore someone without the same assumed relationship to community as the rest of us, homeowners one and all.
54: Strangers Home Isn't Where the Work Is: Why There's Casa Marianella
Lindsey Eck
So long as there is a great disparity in wages between North and South and a labor shortage in the North, they will find a way to come and work. And, when they arrive in Austin with no place to stay, Casa Marianella offers them a sanctuary.
54: Strangers The Truth Is Here: Strangers in Roswell, New Mexico
Marguerite Helmers
Media such as television, film, and narrative are handled at a safe distance. The Roswell incident, on the other hand, can be interacted with because Roswell is a physical site.
54: Strangers Make It a Double: My Lives as Barkeep and Academic, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Bar Life
Wayde Grinstead
While these worlds may seem disparate at first glance, I've come to recognize similarities in how people deal with strangers, strangeness, and the unfamiliar. In each world, the familiar often goes unquestioned. The unknown is kept at arm's length and susceptible to limiting assumptions.
54: Strangers Feel Like Going Home: Notes on Self-Marginalization
Steven Rubio
This is not a pretty piece. It is about being a stranger; it is about self-marginalizing behavior. It is in many ways the antithesis of a Bad Subjects piece.

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