55: Garbage

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Garbage, May 2001
55: Garbage Refuse, Resist, Recycle
Frederick Luis Aldama, Robert Soza
In this issue of Bad Subjects, we open the proverbial can to a variety of voices that form a complex critique of today's production/consumption system as it grinds up and spits out disposable bodies of knowledge and people in the realms of politics, economics, education, and culture.
55: Garbage Owning Shit: Body, Garbage, and Commodification
Robert Mitchell
The status of body wastes as commodities is an uncertain and puzzling terrain, and I contend that the discourse of "human dignity" is not the best way to analyze the traffic in body parts and bodily waste.
55: Garbage Bodies: Sex Pistols and Abortion Art
Mike Mosher
I believe "Bodies" remains the most important song to deal with abortion, a major political issue of the 1970s when it was written.
55: Garbage Environment Risk, Fish Consumption, and American Indians: Exploring the Logic of Genocide
Darren Ranco
I am interested in the legal and scientific logic that allows the United States to continually expose Native American tribal groups to greater environmental risk.
55: Garbage Hayden White Talks Trash
Frederick Aldama
I met with Professor Hayden White at Stanford University where I ran down a list of questions regarding the issues of Marxism, the consumption/production dialetic, and garbage.
55: Garbage The Dumping Down of America
Octavia Davis
The arts, foreign languages, and physical education, for the most part, already reside in the educational garbage heap despite the enormous hidden cost to society that comes with their disposal.
55: Garbage Yo No Creo en Esa Porqueria: Folk Traditions Viewed As "Old World" Garbage
Rosemary Polanco
"Porqueria" or garbage has no value it is worthless, useless, and disposable. How could traditions be "porqueria"? How could healing traditions in particular be disposable? Weren't these valuable cultural markers with immediate practical benefits? Apparently not to everyone.
55: Garbage Three Tales From The Americas
Robert A. Soza
I don't get it -- why do we reward one man's zealotry because it ensures the continuity and "success" of a multi-billion dollar industry and decry another's for taking what he believes to be the word of God literally?
55: Garbage Tomas Almaguer Talks Trash, Too
Robert A. Soza
Tomas Almaguer, author of Racial Fault Lines: The Historical Origins of White Supremacy in California and Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University, sat down with me over lunch on March 6, 2001 to talk some trash.
55: Garbage Trash Transformed into Art: Exploring the Art of Reclamation
Kira Stevens
The art of reclamation is original, but its materials are recycled. Does reclamation art wither because it does not represent the original, ritual use of the objects it collects?
55: Garbage Why We Love to Hate San Men
Robin Nagle
San men and their work suggest that anything, any object, no matter how laden with what kinds of meaning, can become trash.
55: Garbage Van Carnage
Eric Hicks
I know there are many who wish we could throw them away... walking human trash, but the Constitution only allows us to strip them of possessions that are too trash-like to ever be construed as valuables.
55: Garbage Foxy #1
Michael Angelo Tata
Poem and image.
55: Garbage JDOT Really Talks Trash
Frederick Aldama
Trash doesn't often come up in conversation with friends. To see what might happen when it does, I sat down with my friend Seo-Young Chu, a.k.a. JDot, to talk about garbage.
55: Garbage Who Could Ask For Anything More
Nathan Pritts
A poem.
55: Garbage Exercise, Training, and Getting Rid of the Fat
Rashad Shabazz
Increasingly, capitalism breeds the idea that bodies that are deformed, hindered, or crippled are -- like those worn-out old shoes, the car with the leaking roof, the spoiled food -- worthy of being thrown away, junked, disposed of.
55: Garbage Production, Consumption, and Garbage: Global Capitalism and the Transmigrating Brown Body
Frederick Aldama
In this production/consumption economy, different nation-states accord more or less value (garbage/utility) to brown bodies.
55: Garbage Polish Garbage and Dreck Heroes
Tomasz Kitlinski, Joe Lockard
A dreck-hero is the one who emerges clean from political and historical slime; who transcends human garbage status while wading through filth, cleaning up trash, or living in rubble; who keeps conscience alive amid degradation and grim realities.

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