57: Television

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Television, October 2001
57: Television Introduction: Reading Television
Cynthia Hoffman, Paul Rosenbaum
We were struck by how difficult it has suddenly become to discuss anything but most especially television, without reference to September 11.
57: Television The American Empire in Televised Crisis
Joe Lockard
Television is the engine of war, although that 'war' remains preliminary and amorphous. For nearly all the world, their television sets remain the center of this war.
57: Television How I was Politically Educated by 'The Prisoner'
Megan Shaw Prelinger
By looking at this history of how I constructed political meaning from a commercial television show, I will be able to comment on how it works for a commercially produced text to operate as a tool for political education.
57: Television American Television in Europe: Problematizing the Notion of Pop Cultural Hegemony
Marnie Carroll
In Europe and other places, American culture appears in many forms, such as movies, music, clothing, and television. But does the presence of these kinds of American pop cultural items mean that a cultural takeover is happening, or happening unproblematically?
57: Television My Dad Kicked Ass for a Living
Zack Furness
The camera angle was attempting to create a sort of multi-faceted mug shot of the temporary villain...the man who could have given that poor man a concussion...the man who should have known better...the man who kicks ass for a living...the man I call dad.
57: Television Canadian Content Rules Or, Why Bryan Adams Isn't Canadian Content
Elisabeth Hurst
Depending upon one's motives, education, occupation, or the prevailing wind, CanCon can be: (a) a much-needed shield against the US entertainment hegemony; (b) a necessary evil to preserve Canadian identity; (c) an intolerable restriction on creativity; or (d) utterly absurd.
57: Television Britney Spears, Victorian Chastity and Brand-name Virginity
Joe Lockard
What separates Lily Bart and Britney Spears, characters who rely on social artifice and public knowledge of their sexual innocence for market value, is largely that Lily did not have a good agent.
57: Television On The Price is Right
Mark Engler
I have always contended that The Price is Right is a truly American game show: the perfect blend of capitalism and democracy.
57: Television The Unwatchable Dead-Babyness of E.R.
Bradley Berens
I'm planning to watch the worst show on television: E.R. Must Flee T.V.
57: Television Video Games and the New Look Domesticity
Bernadette Flynn
The uptake of games in the living room by younger household members imposes a traditionally male-associated space of the arcade upon the female-associated space of domestic leisure.
57: Television The Sci-Fi Anti-Dupe Science Fiction TV as Teaching Tool
Walter R. Jacobs III
Can a televisual work of fiction create powerful real-life understandings about the operation of hegemony in America? I believe that it can, and did in our salon meetings.
57: Television Showing My Hands and Not My Face on TV Waylon's Rollicking Red Neck Minstrel Show; or Death of the Duke Boys
Bay Woods
In the case of the Dukes it is the crimes both against these poor 'rednecks' (who had probably descended from indentured servants rather than Plantation owners) and their own crimes and failings which had to be erased at the same time they were ridiculed.
57: Television From an American Family to the Jennicam: Realism and the Promise of TV
David Banash
The mass dissemination of video cameras, webcams and the like have put the power of television into the hands of almost any citizen, and the power of such access can be felt merely by invoking the fame of such diverse names as Rodney King or Jennifer Ringley of the Jennicam.

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